Hacking clan wars???

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If your clan gets points whether you win or lose, that is called cheating.  Clan points put you ahead of other clans playing the same game as you(in this case clan wars, not the actual matches), so while the "other team" of your clan members won't mind losing, the other clans are getting screwed by you.

Under other circumstances, sure, joining a friend's game in progress and getting on the other team so you can kill him is great, but in clan wars it is different.

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My clan RU4N also has had the same thing happen. We are all like wtf and upset since we went from battling for first to last with -666CP too

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T0RQUExX wrote:

MY clan (BKYG) was in first place when we ran into some people who posed as hackers. We were lagged out of the game. Then about 2 hour later we have -666CP points in clan wars (yes, negative 666). I have a picture but cannot post it for some reason. Anyone know what's going on?

Nice story what actually happened...

Your clan was one of 200 odd who beachhead just punished for cheating and boosting  #GG

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SFU prides our selves  in Rules one of them is NO CHEATING!! Now we got knocked off the clan wars cause we're told we are cheating? Sorry but thats not our style we play the game legibly and to be called cheaters is completely false. We fought hard in every clan wars, and this one we barely had 1st and now we got -666 points and 8th place and people are being removed form my clan form the app. WTF no truly this is completely BS, 1st clan wars we had been in 2nd while 1st was 100 points ahead of us.. Next clan wars we was in first and over night we was in third and ended in 3rd, 3rd clan wars we was in second and then 3rd and ended in 4th, this time we barely holding on to 1st place. And now we getting kicked in the nuts for what? We've done nothing wrong and played hard.

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same thing here sometimes 1 of our clan members joins a game that already started hell no 1 can help that when that  happens fix the game so other clan members cant join

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Sure you can help it. The situation you described only happens when a clan mate uses the "join session in progress" or you send a game invite while already in a lobby. When either of these are used, there is a 99.9% chance the new player(s) will be put on the other team. Make sure your clan mates know NOT to click on a clan members name then join the game in progress...and make sure you never send game invites while in an active lobby. To just randomly pop into a game with another clan member is next to impossible. Remember: if you want to invite a person to play with you, back out of your current lobby then send the invite.

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Well our clan had a meeting and from this day forth we no longer give two shits about clan wars, SFU is done from it, this is tiring to be screwed in it, Lego can hack and nothing gets done to them, yes we know they have hacked in  last clan wars, have seen it for our selves, We play  true and get screwed, That did it for us, and I am sure other clans that have been playing fair getting screwed will most likely do the same,  But SFU will continue to play the game as it's meant to be played fair and respectable. Good luck to everyone else how ever, and hope you guys do well in Clan Wars.

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I think this is just bullshit....our clan has had almost all 16 members working our butts off to capture these damn nodes from this mysterious clan with the same amount of members that can somehow capture 3 nodes at one time when we can barely grab one.

@beachheadstudio needs to just fix their shit and instead of penalizing a random amount of people without "PROOF" of their so called unfair play they should just restart the clan war and make everyone start new.

Our clan has been obliterated in the last several wars due to definite bullshit that was going on yet nothing was ever done.  And the ones that now get penalized are the ones that actually worked for their wins, unlike on my list right now where [TooN]#LOONEYTOONS clan now sits at 343 capture points right now, where just a few short hours ago they were at 260 --  As well as [iFix] iFix Destroyers are now at 221 when they were barely even on the boards this morning.


***So the war is over and of course the clan we reported won (big surprise) with a total of 710 CP's ...amazing and all they did was hold 3 nodes the entire time they were never contested ...How is that not cheating / hacking????

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What makes you think they have no proof?

You are pointing the finger at other Clans, you need to look at the actions of yours.

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@ nicedrewishfela ... Yes I am pointing the finger at other clans...we reported them the last few days as Activision states we should only have clans against us that are on the same platform as we are...when in fact they are on PSN when we are on XBL.

I have no actions to look at for myself or my clans, because if I felt I was doing what they claim then I would keep my mouth shut and not be so pissed off.  As for not thinking that they don't have "proof" if they actually had something I would like to see it, because that would be interesting.  Plus I think that if people were in violation of something they would give them a ban or reset stats, and you can clearly see from my stats that I don't cheat.

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