Half Points for Other Game Modes

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Half Points for Other Game Modes

FYI - I posted this before, but it dissapeared off the board for a strange reason.  Instead of putting this post as an "idea", I just placed it within a normal topic.

I understand that as of recent, a hot-fix was recently applied that bestowed the following:

Half a point toward someone's streak for:

  • Collecting tags in Kill Confirmed
  • Neutralizing an position in Domination
  • Capturing a neutralized position
  • Putting tags in the goal in Grind

However, I believe more could be done to other modes.  For example, half points awarded to:

  • Assists in TDM, Cranked, and S&D
  • Headshots in FFA
  • Confirming and Denying tags in S&R
  • Defending a goal in Blitz

What do you think?


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