Hardcore Free For All?

Ghosts XBOX 360

They always seem to take out stuff I like HARD CORE FREE FOR ALL was one of them.  WHY?  They treat HARD CORE like a bastard son and I'm sick of it bring it back already.

PS  GIVE ME MY NOOBS AND MY GRENADES BACK!  SWITCHING THEM UP WAS EVEN MORE OF THE CATERING BS IT JUST DOESN'T FEEL RIGHT AND ITS NOT RIGHT.  It's like drinking a flat warm beer the next day that you found a cigarette butt in it with your tongue... another wards its disgusting.

Description of Grenade Launcher AKA Tubes

MW2 Just right

Black Ops Fading but acceptable

MW3 Now how many times did I drop that tube on him and he walked right through it?

Black Ops 2 Did I get my tubes from MW3?

Ghosts WTF what do you mean I can't carry grenades (or IEDs) with my grenade launcher?  You put the trigger WHERE?  I'm still shooting MW3 dummy rounds too.  THIS IS BS!

I can be shooting you on point and sure you can run and stab me from 30 feet away but my grenade launcher can only get a hit marker.  Might as well threw a rock at you.  But if I did that I would probably get shot through an entire building by someone who was actually shooting at a team mate.

There is so much more...


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HC FFA would play terribly in Ghosts, no one would move. Don't bring it back, ever.

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That's the wrong answer.

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Hell yeah bring back HC FFA!!!!!

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Highly doubt they'll implement it but personally I'd love to see it return as it was a sad day when they dropped it from blops2 and I did hope IW would do us a favour and bring HC FFA back but unfortunately hope isn't a very good strategy.

COD is pushing team based gaming even though it'd be interesting to know how many merc's/solo players/lonewolfs are out there looking for FFA game modes that just play what's given to us by the devs. Want special camo join a clan, want to compete join a clan, want to have fun solo play in a cough "team". Blops elite  beta had competitions for solo players and they were good fun, never did fully understand why they left the mercs with nothing competitive unless they just focused on pushing it a certain direction.

Yes it's in core but HC FFA still was fun.

Classic game modes are history and it's beyond me why but someone made the choice.

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I agree there are not enough FFA game types.  Team games are fun but admit it, lots of players do not support the team.  These dumb posters say it's about money?  What does a playlist cost?  NADA.  There should be an overabundance of playlists.  If they're not popular, then they will stay empty- that problem would solve it self.

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Your last point is what makes me wonder.

MW3 had a TON of game modes. HC had pretty much every Mode (except the gimmick modes like Infected, OITD, etc). Core had a bunch, and unless i am mistaken there were even some barebones modes (I think?)... Ok, I looked, see the list below-

My Point is... what happened? You used to be able to play pretty much any mode. Not all the modes were well populated, but you had the choice if you wanted it. So... why restrict us like they did in the past two titles? What changed? I was hoping the removal of Theater would free up room for more modes....

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3Edit

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Elite PlaylistsEdit

  • Elite TDM, Dom, KC
  • Elite Objectives
  • Elite HC Ricochet Mosh Pit
  • Elite Face Off 1v1
  • Elite Face Off 2v2

Alternate Game ModesEdit

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People wanted to customize the appearance of their characters, thats what happened.

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Are you kidding me?  They added Hardcord Domination with a snap of the fingers.

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Cod eSports happened maybe? Elite monthly dlc creating matchmaking player fragmentation was also a bit of an issue with MW3. The playlists we see now could've been chosen a long time ago with those two points in mind and creating room for the latest new incarnations but without any references to quote from that's just a guess.

Must admit that's some selection of playlists and I'd forgotten just how many there was available. Could that have been the peak for playlist choice? Quite possibly.

It doesn't really help IMO when they reincarnate a mode like S&D yet bend to the community and fill up a playlist with two iterations in core or when they bend to the community and add a heavy duty mosh. Both occasions distracting focus from the possibilities to add extra HC modes or previously popular core objective modes.

HC numbers are pretty low IMO but playlist choice is a big contributing factor to this even though I've got to say HC is immersive and fun this time around, so much so it can suck you right in when you're in the zone.

There were occasions when IW asked the community about adding playlists in MW3 and it'd be good to see this happen again for both HC and core, will it happen idk.

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