How should the devs fix the riot shield + C4 epidemic?

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Or you could just counter them and stop crying.

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Constructive posts as usual..

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No better than claiming something is noobish because you failed to grasp its blindingly obvious counter. I'll stand at long range with a GL attachment and a Panzerfaust, with Danger Close equipped. Maybe a Stun or Thermobaric nade for good measure. Lets see how well the riot shield C4 class works then. DC overrides Blast Shield.

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Re: How should the devs fix the riot shield + C4 e...

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FallenSnowFish wrote:

Constructive posts as usual..

Don't bother, this guy has been PMS'ing all day.

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When i saw this thread i thought it would be full of hate for the humble turtle but good to see someone with your opinion

You all need to get over yourselves. You have always been able to use equipment with the shied and detonate c4 in mid air and always will. Stop having a sook that you were too slow to do anything about the c4.

I think the question in your title should be:

ways to avoid being blown up by c4 (or the next explosive you will cry over)


maybe get blast shields effects buffed instead of attacking a hardened piece of plastic try shoot at the feet, or an uncovered part or run away

I get shot at by a hell of a lot of snipers but you dont hear me saying that they should only be able to fire one bullet every 5 secs or quadruple the ads speed because they annoy me

Maybe set those players to avoid or something because i have hardly been blown up by c4 in the last week at all

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This smells like the same complaints people had with target finders LMG riot shield players from BO2 which by the way were a real pain in the a--rse. Nothing compared to what your over exergarting about in this thread.

Epidemic? So much drama from a "COD" player.

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Re: How should the devs fix the riot shield + C4 e...

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I started a thread yesterday (which now that you can't just scan through previous pages of threads is just gone apparently) that was titled "an anti riot shield CLASS thread"

A few posters gave a number of great strategies of how to combat riot shield users.

I know in this game riot shields as an overall class is MUCH stronger in previous games, despite the lack of scavenger replenishing equipment, I haven't used riot in this game yet but I've used it since MW2 and have gotten a nuke with it way back when, so I'm not the worst with it, but still have a ton to learn myself....

A few solutions came up in my thread... I proposed coming up with the smallest adjustment possible to a normal class without having a straight up class myself, as a way to stay versatile and keep a normal weapon system (obviously)

Let's just say for a second that one thing that gets lost in the shuffle is it isn't exactly fair to call a riot shield class OP when it has severe limitations of it's own, combined with the fact that

Let's say this is a "normal" class of mine in domination:

M27 reflex/foregrip

no secondary


Ready Up, Steady Aim, Quickdraw, Focus, Hardline

satcom, dog, sentry gun


I proposed changing just a few things, namely, adding blast shield and switching from IED to Concussion grenade, and using support streaks - most importantly specifically Ballistic Vest, night owl, and squad member.

- conclusion was no riot shield user will have on Tac Mask, Blast Shield, Danger Close, AND reflex because they need the room for equipment and possibly other perks like strongarm or whatever, as well as the great Kastet.

Most likely drop of that is always Tac Mask since Tac equip isn't as popular and is pretty much easy to leave out. 

So, you get that one Tac grenade per life to be able to manipulate your surroundings if you hit the riot shield user and can probably get the flank you need.  with Blast shield (if you didn't have it already) you can survive 1 hit probably, and then obviously B.V.s will help, and a night owl is your trophy system, and Squad Member could give you a double team every so often.


I tried in lobby myself last night that had 2 players using this class on the other team on domination - Whiteout, this class:

AK Reflex Grip



Danger Close Ready Up Blast Shield Reflex

there might be something that doesn't add up points wise maybe I had recon or not - but this class handled them at the B flag easily.

I went 20something-15ish and we ended up winning the match relatively close but still were able to keep B more than their Riot Shields could.

The difference between a riot shield user and a gun user is that a gun user can dictate the action easier than a riot shield user can when you have the proper equipment.  Much in the same way you need to have a specific strategy to get snipers, campers, etc when they have a defensive advantage, there are always ways around it.

I know that class got gimped against other gun users, but you just need to be extra focused on aiming at normal gunners because you won't have quickdraw, stalker, etc.  The riot shield user had no real way to beat my guy in the B tunnel because I could fight C4 against C4 and kastet vs. kastet -- we had the same damage capabilities, except I had a GUN and he had a WALL, so they couldn't be aggressive and had to hope I'd miss with everything.   And also, you still could use your danger close power against normal gun players anyway, so it's not like you didn't have newfound advantages of your own.

And, this didn't require any sort of magical skill on my part, it actually took away most of the strategic unfamiliarity we as a general COD public have going against Riot shields since they are quite a different "weapon" and we are just simply not used to seeing them on an every game basis, like we are with normal guns.  Also Ghosts did players a favor by not having Scavenger pick up equipment because with Support Streaks dying in this game matters even less for a Riot Shield user, because that means that in combat a riot shield is essentially limited to 3-4 explosives max depending on the class, and you can keep that in mind instead of wondering how many Scav Bags they just picked up lol.

Look this isn't the end all be all - but the point is just like how you optimize your classes for killing players in a game that generally have guns, you have to remember that those perks are chosen to optimize against that, it sort of gets lost in the shuffle.  You have to do the same against Riot shielders.

I'd rather not have them nerf it because then it's just another wasted item in a game that shows a failure on the developer's part for adding pointless items.  It's usable but we gotta beat them (or use them) and thats more fun

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Re: How should the devs fix the riot shield + C4 e...

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Removing equipment with it equipped? Are you serious? Do you just want free kills?

Yes I find the C4 annoying, but its not like the riot shield itself is overly useful when not used in tandem with a lethal accessory.

I use throwing knives with it, so whatever, but I dont get angry at the C4. It's your choice to let them get that close. Best "fix" (though I don't think they should) would be to put the shield down when you use accessories like in other titles.

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Re: How should the devs fix the riot shield + C4 e...

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The issue isn't the combination of shield plus c4... it the fact you can equip a radar onto your shield the range of it makes it nigh on impossible to sneak up on a shield user. As they know where and more importantly when to throw the c4

But the flip side of this equipping stuns and any of the other counters to shield users means while the set up is annoying it is easily countered if you are smart

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Re: How should the devs fix the riot shield + C4 e...

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Does otg counter the riot shield radar?

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