I Keep Getting Worse!!

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Wow, Thanks for the list. I am going to give it a try when I get off work, and see how things go. I honestly have no clue what the hel happened, but I think part of it may have been me starting to think I was better than I am. I remember watching a lot of videos just prior to this little incident, and I think I found myself in knowledge overload. I started trying to be sneaky as hel (not camping, I mean sneaky in that I started to try to think of routes of attack I hadnt seen much of) and that is when I began playing so poorly.

This is frustrating.

Thanks again, everyone with your tips, and RnG for the list. Ill have to check back in tomortow night and let you know how it went.

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Re: I Keep Getting Worse!!

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Maybe not to the extreme you saw after a weeks rest, but I have noticed if I don't play for a while (a week plus) then it does take me a little to get my eye in and focus so my reactions are up to speed, etc. More so now I'm getting older.

I guess it's like anything, if you practice or play regularly, you're more in tune and up to speed, etc. If you've had a break, try to be cautious to begin with. Don't run around like a nutter, just take your time and keep to an area of the map you know better. If you play with a mate or use a mic, see if you can coordinate with someone so you can watch each others backs, etc.

It definitely pays to play regularly though I think. Although personally I can over play it as well and when I play too much, I go through a s*t phase (may be concentration or focus dips). So I try and call it quits for the night when I'm on top........it's hard though, cause I always want to keep going.

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Re: I Keep Getting Worse!!

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Personally I would start out with squads at lower levels and then move to higher levels. Once you can beat the bots on higher levels than go back to regular MP. If your highest KS is 8 ever than most matches you are getting killstreaks of 3-4. I would stick to support KS. No point having battlehind  or trinity rocket if you barely call it in. Support streaks that can help you live are vests, sat com, night owl, oracle and squad mate. You should be able to get any of these in most matches.

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Re: I Keep Getting Worse!!

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I would stick to core TDM.  Onslaught is tough and DOM usually has the best of the best due to more points. Don't forget it was clan wars weekend so there was also stiffer competition due to this. Honey badger is a great gun and try to use ready up so you aim faster. other perks are hard to give you advice because people all have their opinions and only you know your style. I use off the grid, sleight of hand, hard line, fully loaded. Off the grid and sleight if hand would be good for you. I would use blast and setrip combined If I were you

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Re: I Keep Getting Worse!!

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These are what I use in assault killstreaks: I use a dog to keep me alive then I use a trinity rocket then I normally get 2  or 3 kills from that then I automatically get my hind.

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Re: I Keep Getting Worse!!

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Another thing you have to keep in mind is that while you are away, others are still improving.  Throw in cheat codes and mod's for some of them, yeah, your play will notice the difference.  I am a Modern Warfarer from way back, and there is a trend to all the editions.  They all start out good and everyone can compete at their own level and enjoy it for the most part.  The first DLC comes out and things start to get a little harder as the cheat codes come out as well.  The second DLC comes out, the coders move to the 2nd DLC, the clean players stay with the first DLC, and the modders take over everything below the first DLC.  By the time the 3rd DLC comes out and everyone is into the last hoorah of the edition, the maps basically start to fall apart as you have a mix of regular players, coders, and mods.  You can usually spot them fairly easy, they are the ones with the 35 K and 3 D ratio and they back out as soon as it is over.  I’m not saying it is right or wrong, it is just the nature of the multiplayer.  Don’t worry, your play will get worse before they move on to another game, then it will get better.  Just sayin.

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Re: I Keep Getting Worse!!

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Chin up Soldier, it's just a rough patch...

Can I offer you some advice?

  • Blast Shield and Blind Eye are great for helping you stay alive, Amplify is a must have perk, Hardline is your friend...

  • 8 kills with hardline is your Chopper. 3 kills is your IMS, which will help you to your Sentry Gun, which will get you to your 8...

  • Play Core TDM, Objectives are a terrible distraction...

  • Slowww down your game, it's about "staying alive", not about racking kills up... (the kills will come to you)...

  • If in doubt, Camp it out...

  • Try an LMG, they slow your game down for you as they have the slowest movement speed, ADS, TTK, Reload... They make you think about your every move, and they will get you to your Chopper without a reload if you burst fire...
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Re: I Keep Getting Worse!!

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If you don't have a decent pair of headsets best advise I can give you is to buy one. Hearing someone move and the direction they are coming from will significantly improve your K/D.

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Re: I Keep Getting Worse!!

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I have been considering starting a youtube channel to show things that progressively made me better. I am by no means great (my kd is over 2 if you take the last month or so but a 1.5 since i started playing). I feel like there is not a great instructional video on how to get better.

The following is some of what made me better. Not necessarily a proven recipe.

1. How you move around a map is a big part of getting better. Not just go to this area and then this area, but more of how you go from area to area. For example lets say you are entering a doorway that is on your right. your gun should be pointing into that doorway so that if anyone exits they are guaranteed to be in your crosshairs. as you come up on the doorway you should move so that your gun is guaranteed to be on the enemy if they are in there (this is done by sorta pivoting around the most inside opening). I wish i could show you this because it would be a lot easier. A lot of this game is using angles to your advantage.

1.5.  Always consider how many places you could be shot from while moving. Do not enter an area with many spots that can overlook you (you dont have to get a calculator just assess the risk of where you are heading).

2. Make sure you never get outgunned. For instance if we are on strikezone and i am using a honeybadger i do not go in the bar! I will get smoked in there. instead i work the outer portion picking off people in the pro shop and the back of the hot dog stand but still using my cover. if an enemy has a bulldog i am out of range. if he has an mtar my aim should be better. i havent seen anyone use an ak12 or r5 so i dont have to worry about them. On the other side if i am using an mtar i dont go outside by the pro shop, i stick to the bar area.

3. definitely slow down and play smart. you can almost always walk to wherever you want and pick enemies off that are running. obviously dont over do this but know that you do not have to be in a rush.

4. work an area. find the area of a map that gives your loadout the biggest advantage and work that area. its not camping if you are moving around a large area that still provides cover and your loadout has an advantage. it is just stupid to move into an area you know you do not have a chance.

5. Kontrol Freaks can help but they dont make all the difference

6. Scuff controller can help but again does not make all the difference

7. gaming monitor can help but makes almost no difference

8. Headsets make a difference. you dont need state of the art, but something like turtle beaches base model will work. I have played with astro a40s and turtle beaches lowest model and i only notice a slight difference in sound quality, but i do notice a significant difference in the comfort they provide for long playing sessions.

9. adapt to the situation. come into a map with a game plan but if the plan isnt going to work adjust. think what would give my enemy the biggest disadvantage (minus just camping because i like to move around)? I could give lots of examples of this. i start out with a plan and it goes south quick so i adjust.

10. Play with friends that call out enemies. this shouldnt need explaining.

11. pay attention to the minimap. think of where the enemy will spawn. usually it will be opposite of where your teammates are at or are headed. make sure your back is not turned in that direction.

If you want more help i could show you on xbox live  Raging Pillow X

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Re: I Keep Getting Worse!!

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1&4. I forgot to say something about that. The biggest determining factor for me whether I have a great game or just a good game depends on if I can get to "my area" of the map. For example on Stonehaven if I can get to that middle house and play around there for most of the game I can go +20 very easily.

7. Gaming monitors make a huge difference. There is a reason why the most competitive players use them. And for all we know this guy is playing on a 30fps TV if so a gaming monitor would increase his game a ton.

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