I am getting annoyed

Ghosts XBOX 360

I m getting annoyed with random spawning of opposing team when I spawn or they know exactly where all the spawn points are. So they end up corner camping each part of the map each person.

Ps. IM not looking for a clan if you wanna game with me my gt is wisc(spacebar)ta2d(spacebar)freak

                                                                                               wisc ta2d freak

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dont rush the enemy's spawn and they wont mess up that badly on you , learn how to use the map and spawn's to your advantage.

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Be more constructive. Anyways he did not say he was rushing the enemy spawn he was saying that he's getting annoyed with spawning with the opposing team it has nothing to do with him being in the enemy's spawn. These spawns have a bad logic even the devs have stated that so to tell him to stop spawn camping is really not a bold move on your part. The spawn logic in this game name needs to be tweaked plain and simple.

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