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A couple days ago i got on COD and started playing domination (like i always do) to find out that i was in a hacked lobby not knowing this i continued to play in it. After the game I was getting so many squad points and i went from level 55 to 60. I am currently 1st perstige level 45. 5 levels is all i got! and a bunch of stupid squad points i don't need!!!! I'm writing this letter to IW to let you know if you ban my account or make me a level 1 again or even a level 55 and i mean this when i say it I WILL NEVER PLAY ANOTHER CALL OF DUTY GAME AGAIN!!!!!! THIS WAS YOUR FAULT! not mine. Oh and by the way i can't look at my operations... -___- Infinityward Activision Public  

Well... this isn't a letter. It's a forum post.

... but...

... if you always play Domination is it unreasonable to presume you might recognize something was up? Not really.

Pro-tip: Accepting random invites is no bueno.

That's my opinion but it should be yours ;-),
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This looks like a universal problem and not the first time in this forum this has been raised.

It's unfair to accuse people who are being forthright about their hacking experiences of lying, without any proof.

IW need to investigate this ASAP.

This an official forum and I implore a moderator to intervene and offer SOME kind of response that IW are/will investigate.

Silence and accusations are not helpful.

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Same issue for me.  I dropped into a Dom match and people were shooting (see jumping) into the air.  I ended up ranking from 20 to 60 and getting somewhere like 50 squad points.  Now every time I play a match, regardless of game type, I get a squad point every second or so it seems. 

I have to accept my fair share of the blame because I did not back out, as I should have done the moment I noticed something weird was going on.  But i do not want to get banned for simply joining a hacked lobby.

IMO half the fun of multiplayer is ranking up/leveling up/unlocking and I'm very disappointed  that this Domination-match hack is seemingly so pervasive.  I'd give back the squad points and rank and simply start where i left off, if it were possible.  activision please get on this!!!

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