I joined a clan on the CoD app (iphone), but, my 360 will not register this info?

Ghosts XBOX 360

About ten days ago I joined a clan on Ghosts, xbox 360, I can see that I am in the clan on my iphone app. However, my console does not show this. In multiplayer, at the barracks menu, "clan invites" and "clan details" are still locked. Ive tried unlinking my live account and deleting and reinstalling the the CoD app and the Elite app. Also, I am not in a clan on elite. Any advice? thank you

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I have found that is takes awhile to register in the system...around 6 to 12 hours at the latest. I have added members to my clan and it took awhile to add them to the system and even longer for that member to use the clan tag and other clan advantages. So I guess it will come in due time.

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