I need more friends to play with.

Ghosts XBOX 360

I need more friends to play with.

So I don't really have many friends that even play Ghost. So everyone should add me. I play OBJ always. nice W/L. Dropped it from a 9.70 to a like 7.20. And my kd sucks in this game compared to the other Cods. i have like a 1.25 kd which is garbage in my opinion. If your interested in playing with me. then Add me. Gt is Cellphone Bills

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Re: I need more friends to play with.

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To be fair, no matter what your K/D is, it's not necessarily garbage if you're playing OBJ games and winning or at least trying to play to win all the time. Even camping can is okay in OBJ games if it's because someone is guarding or protecting something.

My K/D and W/L are lower than yours, but I always play HCDOM and always play the objective. So I may die 20 or 30 times, but it's because I won't just sit there when we're losing. I'll try and grab a flag to pull the score back. I do often play solo or with my brother. When solo, it depends if I happen to land on a team who's playing the OBJ or just K/D whoring and if they communicate or not. All are factors.

So don't worry about your K/D or W/L too much, just find some people who you know will play for the objectives and it makes for a more enjoyable game I think.

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Re: I need more friends to play with.

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ill add you tonight, we are both in the same predicament.

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