In your opinion, what needs to be fixed with Ghosts?

Ghosts XBOX 360

It's hard to say what needs fixing in Ghosts, but if I had to narrow it down I'd say the spawns are terrible, the maps are large but laid out as if they were small, the engine is very outdated, the points system sucks, listen servers are still being used, nothing is earned from headshots, weapon-specific challenges have been removed, prestiging no longer has any purpose, 100 lean kills, only limited amounts of challenges can be completed at a time, quickscoping is back despite assurances it wouldn't be, enemies can still knife you from the front through gunfire, dogs can kill you without any warning, the campaign doesn't make any sense, space battles are retarded, and IW would rather charge you two bucks for a wolf skin before attempting to fix any glaring technical issues.

It's not all bad; Extinction mode is awesome, and I think the guns are a well-balanced mix of weapons we haven't really seen before.  Despite people saying otherwise, I haven't noticed more camping than any other CoD game.  I don't really understand why people complain about things like camping, since that's been an issue since Doom.

Still, I can't help but feel that the overall quality of CoD games has gotten gradually worse since IW left to form Respawn, and with Ghosts I think it's finally gone from good to mediocre.

Maybe it's best if Activision does a Greatest Hits version of CoD like they did with Guitar Hero.  Use the best maps and most popular weapons from the series and make it a fitting send-off.

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Spawns definitely need improving.

The operations thing needs looking at as well. I don't like that I only have a limited amount of operations at a time. Just show me all the challenges that are available and let me do them when I want.

Match making and host selection needs looking into. Since the last update something seems to have gone very wrong.

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Seriously.  The challenges restrictions are completely unnecessary. 

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A Delorean time machine, Marty McFly, and Doc to go back in time and STOP all the bad decisions that were made during the concept part of the game.

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Spawns really do need improving!

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C4 Hitting its target on detonation.

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Spawns and what appears to be a matchmaking change where I'm getting placed in European lobbies and rubber banding everywhere. I'd also like to see grenade launchers taken out of hardcore (maybe a few other things), it seems everyone runs a launcher now, maybe strip hardcore down a little.

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I have a big list I posted a long while ago here

Do-able features that would make me happy.

Also, the spawns are always problematic with almost any FPS game and it takes time for the updates to iron out the issues. 


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I do have to say that I figured out why I wasnt enjoying this game anymore. Im not one to come on the forums and say,"hey im leaving and this is why". I know no one cares which is why i dont bother.

But I do want to say it now since it technically falls under this thread. I stopped playing this game and actually traded it in towards Titanfall because there is a simple little thing that doesnt happen anymore in this game which I absolutely DONT like. That is the fact that you dont unlock by leveling anymore.

There is only 1 thing you unlock by leveling now and that is the perks. You used to be able to unlock perks, weapons, etc by leveling in previous CODs but now they did away with that and made it so the only thing you gain by leveling is the perks.

Unlocking by leveling is what made COD for me. I have now lost interest and the incentive to play because I dont like how someone lower than a level 10 could have the best class in the game (minus the perks). The game should not be like that. You should not have everything available to you right from the start. That is what makes the game stale because using the best weapon in the game from the time you start will make you so dependent on that power that no other weapon will compare to it so you will be less inclined to use anything else. The challenges dont help either because you have to have the challenges in the list of active challenges in order to gain their award which is also ridiculous.

Had COD not done this, I would probably still be playing, but I for one loved how you unlocked things by leveling and completing challenges (no matter if in the list or not) but with the way this game is set up, I have gotten bored since they decided to do away with the only thing that has kept me interested in the past few years.

Until they fix it or make a new game going back to the unlocking by leveling, I wont be playing this game. I have no more incentive to play and no incentive means no challenge and I like a challenge.

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spawning is a major issue in the game plus the lack of popular game modes they removed ctf ground war hardcore SnD removing them was bad idea plus for me i would say the lack of secondary launchers

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