In your opinion, what needs to be fixed with Ghosts?

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players that don't play the objective, but they can't do that

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I personally liked bo2's solution to not playing the objective by having score streaks instead of kill streaks and rewarding more points for playing the game right. A little tweaking and that method could work really well. I hate playing a game of domination where I have a 15/15 kd but 7 or 8 captures and a few team mates who get over 30 kills and 0 captures and we lose the friggin game. If you want to bloat your kd, learn how to play tdm better. Some of us actually enjoy winning.

Like some have said, the spawns can be ridiculous, mostly in ffa though. Not so much in other modes, but it's always been like that. I got spawn killed at least 3 straight times yesterday in ffa. Nothing more frustrating, to me. And the quick scoping drives me crazy! I know there may be some quick scopers in here that will disagree, so no offense, but it's always seemed like exploiting a glitch to me and shouldn't be allowed. Being able to basically run around the map using a high powered sniper rifle as if it's an ar is not cool. Unless your the one doing it, lol.

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