In your opinion, what needs to be fixed with Ghosts?

Ghosts XBOX 360

The ONLY thing that really bugs me about Ghosts is the music.  I don't mind the pre-game music, but when I'm in a match and it's coming down to the wire, I don't need to hear "We're in the lead!!.. duh dudh dudhduhda da da".  Or in SD.. "It's all up to you… dudh dda da da daada".

Weapons.. Sure the C4/blast shield is lame, but that doesn't bother me since I can usually handle em.  I've never been a big fan of people who complain about weapons being too powerful, unless the complaint is that the game is too easy with a certain weapon.  But usually it's people complaining about getting killed by said weapon.  Then use that weapon!  FYI.. the MSBS is still a BAMF weapon at close range.  It's the single fastest way to kill someone at close range.

Lets be honest.. spawns, really?  I've seen people complain about spawns since day 1 of COD1.  The spawns are fine, IMO.

Fix that music, IW.. please.

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I agree completely. You could disable music in BO2. Why not Ghosts?

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another perk slot wouldnt go astray

maybe limit snipers ads

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The community, I would rather get spawn killed than hear all of these people whining.

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You obviously don't mind it that much. The title of this thread made it clear what you would be in for, and you not only read it but commented as well.

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Lag / connection / Spawns

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Spawns, TTK, and boring killstreaks.

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Spawns, matchmaking ie fill the lobby before starting the match and closer opponents ie not people from different continents. The time between games slightly increased as sometimes there's not even enough time to change one thing in a class before the next game starts.

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