Infinite Squad Points

Ghosts XBOX 360

I was casually looking for a game of Domination with some of my friends, when we were thrown into a hacked lobby. We were immediately promoted to Commander and then lagged out of the game.  Not only that, but the very next game I was getting squad points for every single xp point I earned, even small things like assists. I'm worried that I'll get my stats reset since I'm so close to my 1st gold gun. Has anyone else had similar issues?

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did restarting your console not fix it?

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I have restarted, went on my friend's Xbox, and signed out of my profile. Nothing has worked.
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I got the same problem the little squad point notification is just so annoying and it just ruins the game!

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I have the same issue it sucks!!! i cant stand that people are setting up these hack lobbies under public matches hopefully they fix it with a patch here soon cause its annoying.

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Dude,I you should contact activision, they might be able to do something. And if the all mighty game developers cant do something you are screwed

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Is it just coincidence that the modd are in domination or are they in tdm? I'm yet to come across this

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Nothing for me in tdm yet. 260 games under my belt.

I feel sorry for the legit players experiencing this garbage.

And would like to strangle the people responsible.

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Your only option is to make a new account. I'm 99.999999999% sure it can't be removed. I'm not sure if any of us are goin' to get reset, deranked, banned, or all of the previously mentioned.

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same here, played a game of domination, every time i shot someone they flew off the screen, and a big blue cross hair in the middle of the screen. now my first guy is level 60 and squad points don't stop or shut up. i backed out and restarted my xbox. nothing stops the squad point thing. i haven't played in 2 days hoping they fix this. i payed 60 bucks and don't want to play because i don't want to get banned for something i didn't do. any word on a fix?

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