Infinity Ward Devs....please read...

Ghosts XBOX 360

Its an arcade game...which means its highly exaggerated....again no one cares about MLG.

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You think you have it bad at least you do not get stuck with splitscreeners and Stupid teammates while the other team gets two clans every time you play alone. Playing team based games is a nightmare for me because of this. The Ak-12 and the remington also have to get balanced. Them guns are impossible to beat in a fair gun fight especially if they have muzzle brake. At least put some more recoil on them.

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Apart from not liking the game i still play it , however two things annoy me the most while having fits of controller crushing anger in game and that`s the dog  muttley who seems most of the time impervious to almost a full clip of bullets, i am sure there are not many dogs out there that could handle that, lol, and my biggest gripe of all is the guys running around like giant turtles with the shield on there backs, when confronted  by these numpties i will hang back until they drop the shield and shoot you, however it seems when this do happen and you can finally release a clip of bullets into them it seems they still have that magical force in front of them and they lunge into you ,yer dead, strange game,

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" ... Like someone else said lost $60 from me for the foreseeable future, which isn't but a drop in the bucket to you.  However, you lost my support when I am asked about your company...and I feel that is worth more. ... "

Money spent. Don't like it don't play it. Why do these whiners feel compelled to come to a public forum and proclaim their grandeur "Money No More for IW"? I love ghosts, by far the best COD to date.

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Yeah, Ghosts is a good game. Who has time to play a game they don't like much less get on a forum to constantly whine about it.

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I'm picturing a lot of k/d whoring in Domination, just a hunch.

BTW, you will continue to cough up your $60.00 every year so just stop lying to yourself.

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i agree with the o p every year the devs get lazier and lazier and put out a shittier product. i havent played ghost in about 3 weeks and i am usually an everyday player from November to November , and i usually buy all map packs. that wont be happening this year! they got me for $65 for this pile of shit they wont get another penny out of me and while i know they wont miss my money im hoping enough people out there feel like i do and do the same. its bad enough that every year they promise this and that and dont come through its also bad enough that every year i spend an hour or more waiting on line to get it opening night only to be more and more disappointed yearly but ghost is the last straw no more and i urge people to follow my lead and do the same maybe then can we get back to the days of a great call of duty like modern warfare or world at war

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if we get our old gamemodes back this game would be way better, and there is nothing op in this game

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if you say so what about the 1 shot silenced sniper thats not o.p noooooo or the ied's there not o.p battle hind which got missals that not o.p noooooo the first cod i use air streaks because they don't get shot down. and i remember when they announced the game they said they tuck Bettye and clay moors out i was like that is sweet no they just replace it with sum thing much worst the ied no thats not op a clay moor that you can hide

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Link to the betty and claymore line?

Suppressed Sniper, not OP. IEDs, annoying, not OP. Battle Hind, not OP and can get shot down easily - just because people don't doesn't mean they can't.

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