Input on possible solutions to quickscoping

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Re: Input on possible solutions to quickscoping

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I would rather they increase the ADS time across the board and increase flinch drastically across the board. The USR also needs more of a damage penalty with a silencer, since the current penalty is negligible.

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Re: Input on possible solutions to quickscoping

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     Because I never stated this in my original post, I snipe most of the time on Ghosts.  My preferred weapon is the USR, and my KD is over 1.6.  I was hoping that if IW makes any changes, they would tell everyone that snipers are being patched, so stop complaining about them on our forums.  I do get annoyed by people who camp in great numbers with thermal L115s.  I played with some of those people about an hour ago.  However, I came up behind them, looked at the ground for IEDs, and killed all 4 of them.

     The good part about being only able to lean while aimed is that camping snipers can't see very much.  That's probably the balancing factor for sniping and leaning.

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Re: Input on possible solutions to quickscoping

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Is there a solution to Spam posts about Quickscoping?

Enough already.

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Re: Input on possible solutions to quickscoping

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Decrease the movement speed with the rifle in the hand and increase the sprint out times will clamp down on quickscopers more than real snipers since real snipers aren't going to moving around too much when they have the rifle in their hand, and the pistols provide a speed boost now.  Other suggestions will affect real snipers and, if you reduce the possibilities of OHKs, you're going to slow the game down even more.  On maps like Siege and Stonehaven involving 6 v 6, this is asking for the TDM winning score to be reduced down to 40 or something.

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Re: Input on possible solutions to quickscoping

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Easy solution is to get better at the game if your constantly getting owed by snipers then you obviously suck and are careless and have no map knowledge .

   A sniper is at a disadvantage by default they are the hardest class of weapon to use and have a much higher learning curve than any other weapon . Regular snipers snipe because its a challenge to do well plain and simple .Don't think anyone in COD has ever thought to themselves in a losing game using an AR and thought I'll switch to my sniper so I can claw my way back !

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Re: Input on possible solutions to quickscoping

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1. no

2. no

3. no

4. no

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Re: Input on possible solutions to quickscoping

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Sniper rifle's should have a moderate to heavy sway and can be reduced by using a Bi-pod (no sway at all) and/or Ballistics CPU (reduced weapon sway), (These two attachments cannot be paired up). The Ballistics CPU would not be as effective in Black Ops 2, making it a little more difficult for Snipers to quickscope. If Quickscopers don't like not being able to kill at close range with a sniper, then they should have brought a pistol.

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Re: Input on possible solutions to quickscoping

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I never once have quickscoped, but I don't see a problem with it nor do I really care, I adapt.

My solution=

1) Flash
2) Pull trigger

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Re: Input on possible solutions to quickscoping

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Here we go again.

Anyone who complains about Quickscoping is basically saying "I don't like being outplayed by people who are using guns that require actual aiming, even though SMGs can out gun snipers at long range" Try and deny it all you want but that is the basicly what these complaints come down to.

OP what you stated is how snipers act now. . . So let me put it this way for you, people will always snipe on CoD, they can patch whatever they like and we will still do it. Hell they tried to stop us in BO1 but failed and do you know the reason why? CAUSE WE LIKE TO SNIPE, we don't do it cause it's easy/OP/Cheat of whatever all you degenerates like to think, we do it cause we are good enough players to rip through teams of people whilst using a heavily disadvantaged gun.

What I find most funny about people who complain about snipers it that these are the guys throwing IED's everywhere and using Auto guns that have 0 recoil, pretty much 2HK's. . . every game I get killed long range by guys with SMG's every game I use a sniper I get consistently killed by people using guns where I should have the range advantage before I can even pull up the scope.

Can someone please give me a logical explanation, cause I really cant understand why people think it's fine to have insta-kill full auto guns that can quite happily kill at any range but when it comes to snipers NOOOOOOOO they require a whole different set of rules and regulations.

Why does the chrome lined induce almost double the idle sway, but the muzzle brake has no negative effects?

Why does using a thermal/acog on an auto gun induce no sway but increases the accuracy, yet the same sight on a sniper has idlesway?

Why is it that a ballistic vest takes 3 shots with a sniper to kill (2 shots with AP) which means it takes at least 2-3 seconds to kill them, yet with any other gun it takes a couple more shots which is an added .2-.4 second kill time?

Why is it that snipers have no cross-hair yet all other guns do?

Why do full auto guns get aim assist that locks onto enemies and helps track them, yet a sniper gets no aim assist?

Why is it that the community thinks it is fine that any auto gun can compete at any range, but when it comes to a sniper it is suddenly a game breaking cheat?

Why is it fine that full auto guns can switch sights, while ADS'd and firing without any accuracy penalties and the ripper can change from an MTAR to an AK-12 at the press of a button with no accuracy/firing penalties. Yet snipers have to have a penalty for almost any movement?

Why is it fair that a sniper can get hitmarkers causing an extra second TTK, yet any SMG, AR or LMG can quite happily 2 shot kill up to med range no matter where they hit the guy?

I don't get the logic behind people complaining about snipers? It's completely pointless and un-fair and what's worse is that the idiots at IW actually appease these complainers.

IMO all auto's should take an extra shot to kill and snipers should have a .1-.2 second increase in cocking speed or ADS speed and that would actually put all the weapons more in line.

People like to play with different play styles, that is how CoD has grown, the Devs should know this and respect it and try to make a game that is balanced for all parties whether you snipe, camp, rush, defend, tube, knife or whatever. Otherwise they may as well just make the next Cod have one map that is just flat and objectless, include one gun, make everyone have the same class just so all the complainers can feel like the have a perfectly level playing field. But even with a game that would rely solely on player skill, the complainers would still feel something was OP. Tbh ghosts feels like that's the direction the devs want to take cod, and my god it is boring as hell.

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Re: Input on possible solutions to quickscoping

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I hate it when people complain about snipers, I hardscope and Quickscope, I'm ok with some guy Quickscoping me and I die but I'm not okay with those snipers who camp in some far off corner of a map with thermal sights on and surrounded by IED's.

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