Its not just quickscoping, it's Sniping in General

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Yep, but it never fails that after getting 3 or 4 hitmarkers, they just turn and pull the trigger, and down me with 1 bullet.

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That can happen. But you can shoot them though cover with a lmg. And they shoot slow you can shoot quick. When a sniper is attack by 2 people one of them will probably kill the sniper.

And still most sniper spots can be flanked and have blindspots or spots where you can shoot them through cover.

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yeah the big "sniper nerf" did sod all at stopping the problem, the snipers are still OP

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Really?  I hardly see snipers break 40 kills in domination, and the people that do are good enough to do it with any other gun.

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Snipers are in no way op. Just because they are better than the marshmallow shooting sniper rifles in bad oops2 doesn't mean they are op. I think some people are just UP and there skill needs a buff.

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All they need to do is introduce a movement reduction for snipers (When the primary is drawn) and the problem will be solved.

No messing around with how the weapon works, just the movement speed.  Then the weapon can be used as intended and will require the user to switch to secondary when running around.

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Why should snipers be required to switch to their secondary when no other class is required to?

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I mean they would need to switch to secondary to be able to run unhindered.  Like an LMG user.

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why a sniper is in no way close to as heavy as a LMG

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because snipers are not close quarter weapons

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