Its not just quickscoping, it's Sniping in General

Ghosts XBOX 360

Lol? This isn't true at all. When ghosts first came out, I assumed Quickdraw didn't work on Snipers, so I never even thought about putting it on. Then, I saw people using, and after trying it against bots, you can feel the difference..

It's funny, this wasn't even about QSing, it was about sniping, and why the One shot kill mechanic is stupid, but of course it turns into a QS thread.

The few private matches I've done with friends when we screw around and quickscope, we always make sure either no ones using quickdraw, or everyone is.  If you face QSers w/ Quickdraw, and you don't have it, yeah you'll get kills but you'll get pooped on much more easily than they will, since they can ADS quicker than you can.

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Proof of my statement.  Making my statement valid.

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Ready up is more important that Quickdraw.  But having both makes Quickdraw much more useful, but Quickdraw by itself on Sniper Rifles isn't worth 3 points.

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Why did you make this topic? I understanding voicing opinion(what I'm doing here too), but there's a whole dumpster full of posts here about quickscoping/snipers and obviously it's a "problem", or whatever they howl about, that's never going to go away(unless they make it so that Snipers can't even aim down, but that's stupid). Yeah, sure, I get frustrated too when someone gets a lucky shot off me with a sniper, but then that's about. If you can't adapt to how snipers[in "general", whatever that means, right?] play, then that's your fault. dtuchpunk is right about how they play, they hardly ever move to different spots. If you're still having a fit about how another person plays this video game, play Heavy Duty then. Snipers are useless there(quickscoping-wise anyway).

What's wrong with one-hits, btw? There'd be no point in the melee attack( I must say it's sort of ridiculous with its range, but you're stabbing someone in the chest/back with a knife, c'mon), shotgun( in real-life: much deadlier, since their bullets don't evaporate at a distance, and there's no lag),explosives(already ridiculous since i get hitmarkers with the panzerfaust, at close range....), snipers(which should be one-shot. That's how the weapons are designed. Quick kills at a distance, but you need to be accurate. People just got creative with how to use them i guess), and I'm pretty sure throwing a freakin' knife at someone would be fatal(chest-up, those foot-shots tho....).

If you don't like the lobby, leave. Don't want to? Then deal with it and get smart about how you approach them. Personally, I've had more problems with tracker/thermal LMG/MR users than snipers. Keep in mind what rankismet said too, people try to get those two ghillie suit models. Really though, just either get better at the game, avoid the route you find them on/flank them, or be quiet. You get killed by a dude with a USR on strikezone once? Sucks man, sorry. Once more? Dumb luck. Again? That's your fault.

Also YOU made this a quickscoping topic. Your first five paragraphs have the word in it and so does the last one. You also refer to it more than "normal sniping" in your whole complaint, seeing as you only mention it in two, also, your 4th paragraph just says it all. Eat a poptart and calm yourself next time you get killed by a lucky dude trying to have fun on a video game with a weird method of using a sniper.

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There is not anymore or any less sniping in ghosts than any other COD. just end the thread already it is pointless

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This guy works for activision........

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