L115 No Hit Count

Ghosts XBOX 360

stands in the weapon description from knee to kill this is unfortunately not the case, I've now already seen the problem had the strike not be counted even if the opponent is standing in front of one and one upper body meets in the hip area or please fix

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I'm not sure I completely understand your edited translation.

It is supposed to kill from knee up but there are definately still some hitbox issues.  I've shot people in their toes and they've died and I've shot people 2-3 times in the chest and they lived.  I've also seen kill cams show the shot missed by a good 2-3 feet and yet somehow it killed the enemy.   Not sure why.

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thats really odd i've heard this a lot no about sniper hit markers etc

i've used this weapon loads with armour piercing rounds and never had an issue? if i hit they die???

probably a lag issue

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It actually states the following "One hit kill from knee up through center mass". I suggest using the USR, which is way better.

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It's lag. I just finished the Ghillie Challenge and there are times where I'm shooting phantom bullets. On my screen I hit him dead center on his chest but nothing happened. I then gets sprayed and dies in what appears like one round on my screen. There is not much we can do as lag is normal when you play online. It happens but it's pretty rare for me.

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Yeah but it seems to happen to the L115 the most.  I have used the Lynx, USR and the L115 and it's the L115 that seems to have most issues with it.  Annoying because it would be my favourite rifle if it didn't have this issue.

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A lot of players are complaining about the sniper hit markers. Let me go ahead and fix the misconceptions for you. I have done some testing with this and it's actually pretty simple. Lag has some to do with it online, however, I test this with split screen on a local using only two players and one xbox.  There are two issues that will cause hit markers on sniper rifles. First of all, like many CODs, the weapon description is not entirely accurate. It says it kills in one hit from the knee up.  However, there are zones on the arms where it's a two hit kill. A lot of times the arms on a character cross their upper body when they are moving and if you hit the arms rather than the chest area you will get a hit marker. At long distances this can be a problem.  Lag would probably compound this.

Secondly there is an aiming issue with the sniper rifles that a lot of players don't know about.  Infinity ward did a lot to prevent traditional quick scoping.  I know there are a lot of players online who say it still works, but it really doesn't.  As most players know in COD when you ADS your bullets go exactly where you are aiming.  However, there is a difference with this on the sniper rifles. In order for a sniper rifle to fire exactly where the cross hairs are you have to be fully scoped in and have stopped moving.  After those two things are accomplished there is an additional delay around .15 or .2 seconds after you meet that criteria before the bullets go directly where you are aiming. If you move while aimed or don't wait that delay you are basically hip firing the weapon at about 1/3rd of the normal hipfire spread.  At long distances this can affect where your shots go out to a spread of about a meter.  This means you can easily hit the arms as stated above, the lower legs or miss the target all together.  There is also about a 60% chance if your aim is true that you are going to get the one hit kill you want.  That is why a lot of players still think quick scoping works.

You need to stop moving and wait a fraction of a second after you are fully scoped in or you will probably get a hit marker. I hope this clears things up.

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I have to disagree with you on the quickscoping, it does work and it works on the run.  It's as simple as 1) run towards enemy 2) trigger scope 3) wait less than half a second 4) fire.  It doesn't matter if you are facing directly at your enemy or not.  The aim assist will bring your bullet (not gun) to the target.

I've done it and I've killed players where my gun (and yes this is on my screen) was still pointing down.  This is a problem that still exists in this game.   I don't like to do it so most of the time if I'm on the move, I will run with my pistol out instead.

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I've had an issue with this gun where I hit someone and end up dying. Not a big deal except killcam shows his screen only receives a faint pink tint as if I hit him with a rubber bullet to the toe. The L115 does 98 damage, even with a Balistics Vest I should at least put him on the brink of critical damage. I've noticed that in some cases there's null damage being applied from all weapons to all points of the body. I understand that killcam is not 100% accurate but even still I would expect more reddening of the enemy screen than I'm seeing in some cases.

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it is not about quickscoping I can net and do not even want to. it comes for example in the map overload if one lies down on the house with solar energy systems and the looking off at the mountain you meet any opponent himself but if he stops he hits me or at corners rejects exactly the same even if he with the face in front of me is one of the strike not

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