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  Okay hope i dont open a can of worms like my last one lol. I thinking about starting to use a lmg. Any advice on the best to use to hold down a position like in domination. I dont run and gun like some do and rather then wasted point on unlocking each one and trying it i figure i ask around and go from there.

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M27 with a thermal and silencer is what I use, its beastly.

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LSAT Suppresor Foregrip Extend Mags is a PARTY

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Ameli with thermal hybrid and grip. It pegs the accuracy all the way. Thing is a laser beam.

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  Hhhhmm just waiting for someone to bring up the chainsaw next then it be complete lmao. I trying out the M27 and it does do some damage. thanks

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I use the LSAT with Silencer and red dot and grip. I don't use a 2nd weapon.

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only m27 so far. I use lmg's a lot. Most cod's got a lot of them completed.

I would say try, try and try some more. don't be forced to use a setup because people say it's good. You might like another sight for example. And when you switch lmg's try different attachments again. 

Gameplay wise. Domination is a good game for LMG's when you defend. But keep in mind you're slower.

I will play KC with it and will still run for tags. Just because why not.

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Lsat + thermal n silencer or armor piercing rds

Ready up

Takedown ( 1 of best perks in game, really no counter to it that I have figured out)


Incognito (better than off the grid n Dead silence, it shuts ur character up and enemies don't automatically call out ur position like "he's out in the open" or "sniper on second floor"  many ppl don't know that hidden feature

P226+silencer or kastet (the kastet has 95 percent move speed which is about same or better than pistols)

Thermobaric (everyone runs blast shield. Thermobaric does 50 base damage n goes through armor + huge blast radius - most powerful equipment in hc cause base damage is instant kill, works on vests, juggs, maniac, and most ground kill streaks except dog)

I mainly play hc kc but have used a mix of the above combos in core dom n kc.  Thermobaric followed by kastet rounds are room/flag clearing power house) Lsat has high rpm+ready up = hip fire machine if caught off guard, thermal n silencer no need for explaining

Support streaks




I run n gun, hunt tactical loiterers cap flags n snag tags with that setup. Rarely go negative or not have most caps n defends or tags. Stay on perimeter but keep moving throw ammo/vests for ur team but also as a lure for enemies with Sitrep n pick off.

I just blew the cover off. Watch how many ppl use this now. Lot of experimenting n watching what perks n equip most players use.

Hate mail hilarity courtesy of a run n gun objective playing lmg user

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