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Hey all, I used to play Halo a lot, so most of the people on my friends list don't play Call of Duty. I'm in need of new people to play with. I usually run with a couple of my friends that are pretty good. Preferably you'd have around (at least) a 2.0 kd averaging at least 15 kills per game. Of course stats aren't everything; however, from experience, it's not hard at all to maintain at least a 2 in this game if you know what you're doing. Feel free to add me!

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what game modes do you play?   time zone

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Depends on how many people I'm running with. If it's just one or two then TDM. Otherwise pretty much any objective game.

1.9 objective player is good....I just don't want people that can't slay/play the objective lol

Also I'm usually on around 8-9ish EDT.

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OP... please, oh please, read your subject and consider changing it.

Also, you'll have better luck in the clan section.


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The clan section isn't for recruitment, though, so I believe this thread would get locked/deleted there. At least that's what it says at the top of that section. Also, what is it that I should change about the subject?

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Ignore rankismet - his mind is in the gutter.

You can post in the Ghosts Recruitment  http://community.callofduty.com/community/call_of_duty/english/ghosts/forums/clans/clan-recruitment#... subforum. Finding ppl to roll with is kinda the purpose of a clan (on the most base level). This subforum is really for game discussion, not "Looking for" posts.

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