Looking to revive this childhood game a little

Ghosts XBOX 360


My gamertag is Evi1 Ralph, and this is just as the title says. im looking to revive this game a little bit as i enjoyed playing it while it was somewhat alive, although with the big youtubers slandering its name, im not sure it ever really was. I remember the time of seeing 76,000 players on, and now logging on to only see 1,100 still playing. The worst part about this, is that all the people are either full blown try hard pros, like me, or actual trash cans. Anyway, back to the group, im looking to start a group of as many people as we can, to help bring a little bit of life back to this game, even start a discord server if we get enough people. I mainly play infected and extinction, but i will most likely play any mode i can ge tinto at this point. I woul dprefer if you have DLC maps as well, especiialy for extinction. I do play on the 360 because i dont want to purchase all the DLC fro xbox one again, and also mainly because it will make it feel a lot more nostalgic. I would appreciate if you were on the more mature side, i am only 16, but i have a dark sense of humor, and am open to really anyone thats looking to help give this game life. As provided earlier, my GT is - Evi1 Ralph, i would appreciate you sending me a message on discord at Ralph#4104 telling me u sent me a friend request because i dont play my 360 almost at all anymore, mainly due to no one being on, this resulting in me only checking every few weeks, and try to find a lobby, but get some trash kids playing nightfall not grinding for teeth and not doing the challenges. I really think we can salvage this game, and bring some people back to it if we start show how great of a game it truly is.


I really think that if a group of us banded together, kind of like the "ghosts" in the campgain, i really think we can start a revolution to this game and give it a little bit of life one last time for everyone to enjoy, atleast to the point where Blitzed/Cranked have 0-2 players in them at all times, or even to the point where you can actually find DLC maps in games other than TDM, and you're hella lucky if u even find them in TDM.

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