Looking to start a Clan!

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Looking to start a Clan!

Senator SCUM here, me and my boys are looking to start a Carolinas Clan, We've noticed that having people locally around you playing in your lobby really cuts down on the lag. Message me on XBL to see if you mesh, we play typically TDM and Domination. We do not want K/D whores and campers, so if you like to sit still and only cap one flag a game, please go strangle yourself with some piano wire. If you actually like to play the objective, have a beast game because the guys your playing with are epic warriors that know how to lock down a map, and win.... a lot. Hit us up, we haven't created the clan yet, but it will be up within the next day or two.

Again message me - Senator SCUM

Or the beast - Beest n u Out

We also like to do private 1v1 quickscope lobbys from time to time, so hit us up for some fun!

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