Love/Hate relationship with this game...

Ghosts XBOX 360

Hi all, new to the forums, but wanted to express my views with the rest of the CoD community.

So, I bought my copy the Friday after launch, and to be honest, i can't remember the last time i had fun on CoD.


  • The dynamic elements. Nothing like sniping your I.E.D on the side of the log truck in Prison Break to kill someone.
  • How every map has vast detail, and better option to blend in with the environment.
  • The wide variety of perks and weapons.
  • The operations mode. Always something new to hunt for!!
  • Squads, trying to beef up your squad as best you can.

Enough of that now, the things I HATE

  • Spawn locations. Sometimes, ridiculously close to enemies, meaning almost certain death.
  • Assault rifles seem to cover snipers, SMG's, and its own respective class. How can this be? Since when has it been possible to kill someone in a couple of shots from a snipers distance?
  • HACKED LOBBIES! Barely been released, and these are plaguing us once more!
  • Lag issues, although it is always to be expected.

What are the things you hate/love?

Thanks for taking the time to read this :-)

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