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that makes alot of sence but the sniper has nt been the same in over a year it been tweaked many times the montages and gameplay videos a little less exciting you are right about the ali a video being the only one on there so i understand that one getting alot of hits but the point is the people still love it and also i can garentee the live streaming networks like twitch and justin tv have been takeing away from users watching prerecorded game play videos

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that most likely the cause of not that many weekly hits people are watching live

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Whats the point?

I enjoy watching quickscoping/sniper gameplay and montages. I find them entertaining. But the game comes first. Youtube should only be a result of what players can do in the game. The game shouldn't be a result of what is popular for youtubers.

Sniping on the move is still a very effective game style. Even after the adjustment that have been made and probably after the future updates. If anything is hurting some sniping montages, its probably triple and quad feeds from spawn exploitation. Between the size of some maps and the change in spawns, the clips aren't as mind blowing to the masses.

Just my opinion.

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Millions follow Justin Bieber on twitter.  Doesn't make it a good thing.

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I watch them to see how far away from the body a bullet can go and still get a kill.

Miss... kill,



Killcams might not be accurate but when you watch these videos, from a players point of view and they still miss yet register a hit.

It is comical.

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QS did not make COD. That's one of the most ridiculous things I've read on here and that's saying something.  COD was made on the heart pounding moment that everyone gets when they get it going and start laying waste to other  players building a streak as they make their way across a battlefield knowing at any moment one of their victims is on the hunt to end said streak.  That's what made COD what it is.  Didn't matter what gun it was, didn't matter what perks the person used, or KS.  Everyone knows the feeling everyone's got it at least once.  Youtube has ruined COD.  People watch these videos and see the destruction cause by ppl like AliA and think that's every game he plays and that they should be able to do the same.  What you don't see is the 8 hour game sessions where he has to back out of any game that he isn't crushing in or the games where he actually runs into some stiff competition and has to back out of a lobby.  QS montages are even worse.  Wow you 2 minutes worth of times where you bust some butt on some noobs. Why don't you show they 20 million fails that it took to get those 2 minutes.  They could fix the SR if they wanted to just inverse the damage model.  Make it 2 to 3 shot kills, unless headshot, at anything under 20 meters, and it gets closer to guaranteed one shots the further you go out.  It would restore balance to the force. Rant OVER! Flame suit engaged.

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KwIk SkOpInG is the main reason COD got popular. Deal with it.

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Your like do realize that there were a lot of CoD's before MW3 dropped??

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Millions didn't pay attention in school and can't spell to save their lives.  How about stop trying to "hit sick clips" and "clutch ace 1337 scopes" and learn to spell.  I dislike people who want to really argue something but can't spell...I can't take you or anyone else for that matter serious when you spell like a kindergartner.

By the way, it's an unfair mechanic in the shot kill at all ranges (if you learn to do it).  No matter how hard I try, I will never learn to kill in one shot at all ranges with a shotgun, SMG, AR, LMG, or MR (on core).  So it is technically overpowered.  Just because you and all your little friends at recess after nap time like to talk about quickscoping or, as you called it...snipeing...doesn't make it popular with the masses.

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You sir, deserve a medal! lol

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