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who cares, it was an exploit...get over it and quit crying already.

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so following on from this logic millions of people watch videos of kittens each day so we should have more kittens in cod.right?

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Kitten Swarm killstreak for DLC this year!

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I can't say that I've seen any decrease in QSing in Ghosts.  So are you just having trouble doing it?  I ask because it seems that the vast majority are doing just fine.  All of the patches have done nothing to cause QSing to go away.  If anything, I'd say that it's at least as easy to do in Ghosts as it was in BO2.  The only part of your post that I can agree with is that people don't like dying and it really doesn't matter what the other guy killed them with.  They still aren't going to like that they died.

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I haven't studied or watched a lot of videos since Ghosts was released, but my thoughts on the possible decrease in uploads and views has nothing to do with the mechanic of q-scoping. Instead it has to do with the lack of killfeeds some can get with tactical insertions and spawn choke points. After all BO2 was a haven for this type of scenario.

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Ghosts isn't terribly YT friendly if one's channel is built around feeding with any weapon.  Quite a few channels have diversified for this very reason and that change happened before any patches were released.

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I agree. Just take a look at Thunder.He started posting older CODs but I sort of agree with him. I like Ghosts and do good but I don't love it.

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LOL Thunder plays more BO2 now than he did last year.  But yes he's a perfect example of a channel that is based somewhat around big gameplays that has diversified to keep things moving along the same lines that made them famous.  I think that it will be interesting to see how the DLC plays out this year.  It looks like the first release is at least being advertised to lean towards faster paced gameplay but we'll just have to see how the new maps really play out.  If they end up being fast paced like BO2 then I bet you'll see a lot of YTers posting Ghosts more often.

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