Ghosts XBOX 360

i can tell you this i used sniper for first weeks of cod ghost could not get kills with it i stopped useing it after update started useing it again and i get all kinds of kills with it i almost use it full time know so in my personal experience nerf did nothing but help

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Those nerfs were not that big but it's enough to deter people like me from sniping and quickscoping. I'm a decent sniper with 1.8 KD on the sniper rifles. I stopped sniping and quickscoping because 1.8 doesn't cut it for me and I can feel the effects of the nerf.

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same thing happend black ops 1

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the ghost video was from a couple of months ago not years a couple of months and 5 million hits have you guys have about 150000 people on average playing cod online everyday on the xbox 360 and i said average ive seen close to 300000 at a time or to ive also seen it lower than 100000 people online 5 million hits in a couple of months that is why i say it is the snipeing that made this game and just to let you know im not affilated with any of these people i posted about just a fan that sees a problem and its the whinners like you that are destroying cod

P.S sorry i sniped you

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Maybe you need to play Call of Duty 1 on PC if you think "Quickscoping" made call of duty...

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^ This....

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those are all recent

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Millions of people wasting their lives.

I would rather watch paint dry.

With Titan fall and Destiny soon to be nipping at its player base and Ghost falling short of the popularity of its predecessors Quickscoping needs to be removed from Cod ASAP.

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Remove it I don't care. I do much better traditionally sniping anyway. I have no problems camping with a couple IEDs, Amplify and a pistol. It just adds an extra challenge and fun factor to play a little more aggressively with a sniper rifle.

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Little bit of exaggeration in this post.  This week the highest Sniping montage is around 10,000 views.  The highest post launch montage is around 585,000 views.  Anything before Ghosts' release is not valid proof because there were the only videos up on YT.

There are many of quickscoping montages on YT that have over 1 million views, but most of them are 1+ years old.

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