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I've noticed an awful lot of "check out these sniping montages!!" posts for the past few days, and can't quite seem to wrap my head around it.. Whether Qu1ck Sc0p1n6 or just standard KEM/**DOUBLE KEM** play footage, viewers seem to think that these matches are the norm for these recording players. Doesn't anyone see these videos and think "hey, wait a sec.. EVERY time I walk through that spot in the map, I'm nailed from A-B-C spot, and this guy just runs right on through"? Or that 90% of the players they kill on these UBER KILL FEEDS are simply running around like a chicken with their head cut off? Most matches, I have to be VERY careful, as almost any good/popular sight line is being locked down by a sniper/marksman rifle/remington ads camper, and yet these montage making "masters" simply sprint around without ever falling into ANYONE'S sights...

Wake up folks. Good gameplay is one thing. Recording yourself stomping through trash lobbies is just phony and sad. Gimme a capture card and I can give you a match where I go 43-1 with a ChainSAW. Doesn't mean I wont wind up with a 1.2 KD the next match anyway.

P.S. This is NOT a discussion on the merits of Quickscoping. It's in the game. Some folks do it. Most of them get eaten by my ChainSAW. Do NOT let this devolve into a QSing argument - this is about over-the-top montage videos and their misleading ways.

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Montages are a joke, those good games you see from them are also jokes. They don't show you how much they back out of games until they get an actual good game against a scrub lobby. Against good players, most Youtubers just roll over and die.

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This is why I love watching Drift0r play. His videos are informative, and you get to see him die. A lot. From getting flanked, to losing a head-to-head gunfight - he's just as imperfect as the next guy, even on his good videos. Honestly, he's the only youtuber that I regularly check for updates.

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I find some montages to be entertaining. When the clips dance to the music and the "highlights" of a players gameplay are exhibited. I appreciate it for what it is.

As far as "good gameplay", you're correct, montages aren't necessarily a good example of that. There are good gameplay vids out there though. Most of the games shown are usually the up-loaders best or favorite. And that may very well be against trash players that are random with no strategy. But not always.

I do agree that kids should educate themselves on the differences between a montage and a gameplay video. Some exhibit skill and strategy, others are just a collection of highlights.

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Thank you, thank you, thank you a million times.  I say this all the time and get sideways looks.  Yes most Youtubers who have a big following are really good and would most likely stomp me but the videos we see are their best efforts.  They are when connection, lobby, and luck all meet at that sweet spot and they just go crazy.  Also none of them are ever playing the OBJ.  I will say though that I enjoy watching MarkofJ but that is mainly because he actually will say gotta get this flag because all these kills don't matter if I don't win. 

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I have FAR more respect for youtubers who actually play the objective rather than just running around under the moniker of "slayer" vs trash lobbies, so good point.

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well the cat  has already been out of the bag about fake videos, and montages that alot of them are fake.. Some well known youtubers set up fake matches and play against bots for views, or they recycle old game play

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Just report for spam and than youtube. Because it isn't allowed

And about montages a 10 minutes montage was something of 4 hours playing. Says enough

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