Music!! Ahh! Please make it stop!

Ghosts XBOX 360

"We're outa here team"

"We're in the lead"

"You're the last one"..

And all the other spots during a game that play music or nonessential sounds.  Really, what's the point of not letting people turn it down or off?  If you like, leave it on.. if not, turn it down/off.  Please add this ability.  I actually like this game and will continue to play whether the sound is there or not, and the music is the only thing that bugs the hell out of me.

I know how this stuff works… you spent all that time on specifying, planning, creating and testing the content for these sounds and feel it would be wasted to let people turn it off.  Every feature equates to time, and time to money.. got it.  At some point you got to bite the bullet.

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I'm with ya on that one. I have my headphones cranked (as I am the biggest sound whore this side of the Mississippi) and I find it offensive, and rude, basically a spit in the face, from whoever decided they would omit the option to mute the music.

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Definitely a minus as far as I'm concerned. I like a good ominous soundtrack, but for Petes sake, Enough is Enough.

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lmao literally had the same thoughts before.I actually went to options to turn it off and thought it was strange to not have a music toggle. I normally don't notice the constant music but now that I have...I cannot stop

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I am so glad more people are stepping up and saying this... I commented on a thread a few days ago about this very subject and people were responding to me telling me it's my headphones problem, that they hear no music and my headset is just over sensitive... Then they told me not to get mad because I couldn't sound whore for 15 seconds.. it's not about being able to sound whore for me. It's ANNOYING... I can't hear the game or my teammates over that unnecessary music.

The audio cues telling me I'm the last one in S&D or Rescue... I actually like because I hardly ever look at my mini map to let me know. But I seriously wish there was a few more audio options.

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