My 3G connection is lag free

Ghosts XBOX 360

Saved it to your hard drive? Obviously I'm missing something because I don't know what the hell I'm doing, but I thought it forces you to download the game? I was only prompted to download the campaign. 

How'd you do it?

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Not sure how the 3 disks are setup and havent done it with this game but....

When the other disk is in the drive , hilite the games square on the screen and hit the blue button for game details. Then on the next screen you will see install.

For some games I play this seems to have them stop randomly locking up on me.

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Yeah you would be surprised what problem is solved by copying to the hard drive. The one game I play doesnt lock up 5 times a day anymore. Hasnt locked up in a week.

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I have noticed over the years especially with the COD franchise that if you save the game to the HD it will perform better. The disc drive is not constantly working to pull data from the disc and free's things up to make the game perform better.

I do want to retract my statement that i made earlier in this post. I played lastnight and the game was VERY laggy. I dont know the cause but it is not my hardware or connection.

Also for those of you that do not know what i mean by saving the game to the HD. For those of us that have disc based copies and not digital downloads.....When you insert the disc in to the xbox, Instead of hitting the *a* button to start playing, Click on the *X* button for game details. it will give you the option to save the game contents to the hard drive of the 360. Why should you do this?

#1 The game will load faster

#2 The game will perform faster

#3 You will not work the hardware ( Disc Drive and other moving parts ) to much. So the xbox will run cooler and not get to hot.

#4 If you ever scratch your CD. The game will still play fine as long as that disc is in the tray.

etc etc etc.

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