My opinion of Call of Duty: Ghosts and why I will never purchase a new Call of Duty game ever again

Ghosts XBOX 360


Call of Duty Ghosts isn't neccessarily that bad of a game, however, it is not Modern Warfare 2 and before quality. That being said, this is what I like:

Weaponery is not total crap, unlike in previous CoD games, every gun in the game can be your own little monster

Campaign itself was spectacular

Weaponery fits the time period

Kill streaks are not too overpowered until about 9 kills

Certain new game time instill teamwork

Clan wars function

Here is what I don't like, but is new to the game:

All players are not synched.

Certain weapon combinations are a bit bothersome

Maps are too large for Xbox 360 console (Though I cannot speak for the Xbox One)

Certain perks cost less/more than what they should

Here is what I dislike that has been a stickler to CoD forever:

Low KDs are placed almost always with extreme high KDs, leading to unpleasant gameplay

Camping is too easy

There is one attachment that everyone uses

Servers are unreliable

So this is what I think, and unfortunately, Black Ops Two finished Treyarch for me, and Call of Duty Ghosts has finished IW for me.

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No players are ever synced. Even in other FPSs. I have a photo of a Gears game where neither players are synced and standing still and they are off by half a body.

Players out of sync is not a new thing. Play MW2 splitscreen and guess what they are out of sync.

You can go play BF4 but I will warn you. Its not even BF 3.1. Its actually a step backward. Enjoy the campers in BF games.

And so if those reasons below have always been a stickler for COD then why did you but it again and expect it to be gone ?

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