My rank on the leaderboard drops about 300 every day... You ever gonna clear the LBs, Infinity?

Ghosts XBOX 360


I got Ghosts at the midnight release. Brought it to my house, played for about 9 hours, and by the time I was all done with that little session I was at 150 (No hacks yet) on the FFA leaderboard. When I slept and got home after work it had dropped to about 1100. Fair enough, because it was new and FFA is quite popular. But that was 2 weeks ago, and now my rank is in the 3200s! I have a total of 39hrs played so far in the time frame, only played FFA. Nothing else. And whenever I look theres at least 200 new hacks on the LB every day. Now, in Mw3 this also was a problem. But not to this extent. My rank in FFA despite the hacks is 359. Without the hackers, it would be up around 220. Now in Ghosts without hacks KD be in the 400s. I know in Mw3 they'd clear the boards of score hacks every month... But since the Xbox One is coming out in a few weeks does anyone know whether or not they're going to clear them off or not even bother because of the fact of a new console? If they don't clear them I'm gonna be really disappointed.

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