New Hack/Glitch?

Ghosts XBOX 360

I was in a lobby last night when i noticed a player did not have a rank/prestige emblem next to his GT,instead he had a blank grey square.Upon checking his stats they were totally blank like it was his first ever game yet his rank was on level 60.

I originally thought his stats needed time to load but they never appeared the multiple times i checked in 3 lobbies,even after 2 games with this player his stats stayed blank,any ideas guys?

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Came across the very same thing last night,

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at least its not just me seeing it then lol maybe its just a small problem showing stats occasionally.

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Maybe it's just a glitch. I came across a player with the exact same thing on PS3. His gameplay isn't anything special and he played like a normal person.

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Seen this on one occasion myself too.

Probably a glitch no doubt unless MP is now getting bots

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I think it was probably another kid who got hacked (and is probably banned now) who was just a normal hacked player

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Its just a person with 11th prestige you have to mod to get it

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