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Ghosts XBOX 360

So last night I logged on only to find around 98000 players online. Is it just me or does this number seem really low for this game?

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player numbers are time dependent but yes in the uk at peak last night i think i saw around 180k players.  they are the lowest they've ever been, next gen has a little to do with it but they only pull about 80k players tops.  the franchise has taken a hammering

if their not careful respawn will walk in and take the crown with ease in march

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Neither I nor many of my friends play this much any more.

The strange thing is, I feel like this is the best COD since MW2 as far as things like weapon balance, connection, non-OP killstreaks, etc. yet I don't feel like playing it for more than a few games.

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Here in Chicago, USA on xone it's between 35-40k people online. WAY lower than you guy's! It still plays well on the one.

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To be honest im not surprised. We have the new consoles and we have gotten some new games like GTA and battlefield, not to mention that a lot of people say they dont like it. Just wait until titanfall comes out it will be down a lot.

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i feel that the numbers are down as well.  but the numbers have been going down since black ops.  when i first started playing black ops there were 5-600,000 people a night... with MW3, i never saw more than 365,000 and the same with BO2.  i haven't even seen 300,000 on ghosts... and i'm sure that has something to do with the new consoles but even if you add the 2 numbers, it's barely 300,000.

i'm not even sure what titan fall is but i'll definately be exploring other games not because i don't like this game, but i do like it the most since black ops, it's just that there isn't that many people playing.

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Looks like this game is going to be similar to Halo 4.

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Am I in the right forum? We're all talking about 360 ghosts right? I've been on and off throughout the day and it's been 160k-220k for my range. I'd say an average since I've started playing day 1 would be 170k 12 pm-12 am CST. Day 1 I'd say there were 500k easily. I do feel like the numbers are a bit low, but a decent chunk is because of next gen. If those players were on last gen then the numbers would be about what I'd expect for a new COD game. It's kind of a bummer because from the way things seem to be going the population is going to dip really hard when the first real batch of next gen games come out.

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