One month on, how do we feel about GHOSTS?

Ghosts XBOX 360

Well CoD Ghosts has been out for 1 month (On current Gen)

How do we feel about this game now?

I personally enjoy the game, it has its bad points sure (huge maps, not having enough players in games if people leave and their positions in the team are not filled, infected being a shadow of its former self in MW3, operations being on a random basis rather than how they were shown in previous titles etc) but for the most part i am enjoying it, so how do you all feel?

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im really enjoying it im just getting sick of hearing the word camper, people need to get a grip and get on with oh and the guard dog is way to over powered apart from that its great

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guard dog is fine..its a killstreak...did you complain about lightning strikes or predator missiles?? those werent avoidable unless you were in a building

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the lounge on the attack dog is insane and it takes far to many bullets to put down i hit one with a ied and a rpg ( cant remember the proper name for it ) and it still didnt kill it i only escaped because someone else shot it and to top it off it can kill a jugg in one bite
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I kill them with ease with LMGs!  Vests can also protect you from them as they will then need three bites I think.

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well you are going to keep on hearing it as long as you camp, camper.

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hahaha yes i camp when i need to but the simple fact is everyone first reaction to being killed is to blame it on camping 

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This game is amazing and awesome, I get a helo and loki 8 out of 10 games; I make modded cheaters and hackers rage quit. Sorry there is not wrong with this game, it's the skill of the persons playing. Get at me if you need classes, 30 n 0 most tdm's, best one 37 n 0, demonation bout 136 n 3, blitz bout 59 n 1. Point being is work on your skills not bashing a game that rock's because your trash can skills can't hold up to real players. No need to hack or mod, my game skill overpowered.

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Im really enjoying the game too. Yeah it has some problems with it, but doesn't every game has its faults?

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I think it's incredibly boring. After a game or two, I completely lose interest in playing.

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