One month on, how do we feel about GHOSTS?

Ghosts XBOX 360

The game is ok but has its issues.  The guns i like and the soldier customization aspects I think are great.the hit detection is much better compared to black ops 2. What I dislike about the game are the killstreaks, the huge ass maps, and the crazy spawn system. Its been numerous times where I've went through a room saw no one move on then get shot in the back by someone who just spawned in. Games also tend to be slow paced and boring most of the time. If the spawns where fixed and ppl would just move around the game would be much better.

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The gameplay overall is great and i like how they brought in just about all new weapons and the like. The only few things I have a problem with is how you have to spend an ungodly amount of squad points for the extra squad members (after all the ones that require 3 points), the lack of HC game modes (even in previous cod launches we still had more than what we had at this games launch), the amount of camping has skyrocketed to the point of being unplayable and the lack of communication among team members is unacceptable.

I actually had to stop playing the game because i was tired of always being put into matches where not only everyone was camping around every corner and i was getting spawn killed like crazy, but also in S&R NO ONE was picking up dog tags.

its not so much as the game being at fault as it is the majority of the community NOT working as a team. That seems to be one of the major downfalls of this game right now and i will not play this game until people start working together. As for those who would say to play with friends, i am already in a clan but most of them dont have the game yet and are waiting for christmas so i wont pick this game back up until then.

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Sounds like you need an active clan mate?

Are you playing on 360?  If so add me: UK ScorpZ

We generally play all HC gametypes and play full party with comms.

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I have tried to like the game. I cant really say whats bad about it. I just cant seem to get into it like I did with black Ops 2.

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This game is near perfect for me. I don't remember the last time I was taken off the floor with a shotgun blast from 40 feet away. Or, when I was killed by dual wielding pistols.

I can't get enough of this game quite honestly.

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Same here, loving it.  Sure you get the odd camper, but not everyone can be good at the game.  Spawns can sometimes bea bit pants at times too but will hopefully improve.

In HC there doesn't seem to be anything OP either which is really good.

Looks like the majority of noobs and kids have gone back to bo2 and mw3 thankfully.

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'A bit pants'?

Dont get me wrong, I enjoy this game and I know they'll fix this, but the spawns are WAY beyond 'a bit pants'. They're ludicrously bad.

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The spawns are the worst, but only when you are the one getting shot haha.  Cause you know when they spawn in front of you, you take that kill everytime.

This game rocks! At first it had to grow on me. It plays fast like black ops 2, they fixed the knifing problem I had from Black ops 2, and need I say they actually have a server that supports this game? I swear every third game I played my ps3 would lock up. Still mad about that.  Cod redeemed itself in my eyes with Ghosts!

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Well of course I do, but that doesn't mean I like doing so.

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Genuinely, This game is Okay, I mean, It is, by far the most advanced CoD game on the market, and with the new squad selection brings out a even more cheer to the game, but people are getting too eager, its hard to level up when you shoot someone with a LMG and they miss, not because of the scope but because of the damage each bullet has on the player, an LMG 10 bullets to kill, type 95? 2 bullets and dead, from long or short range, its aggrivating 1 month with the game and already some prestiges, I am prestige 1 level 9, but you know has many such a flawless game.

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