One month on, how do we feel about GHOSTS?

Ghosts XBOX 360

Good points: map design, perk system, balance, hit detection, sound

Bad points: riot shields, snipers are still overpowered, and MSBS is a useless weapon after the patch

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I think a lot of peoples problem with ghost is that the maps are so big.  every area has a lot of entrances and exits  the game can some times seem like its way to fast passed paced all those people need to do is slow the pace up a little and take things a little slower and the game will bring some really good competitive matches

Stop running right out in the open and getting shot in the same spot

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i love the game. has a lot to offer with squads, multiplayer, earning patches, operations, uniforms, etc and clan wars is fun. Really enjoying the game,cant wait for the new map pack and new gun.

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now 2 months in and im stil playing the game.

im just enjoying the game a bit more then i did with BO2.

hopefully they wil nerf the IED my suggestion(little longer delay in explosion) and thats it just so you got the chance to get out of the blast radius before it goes off.

right now running blast shield all the time just from the fact i get blown up by IEDs alot.

so instead of complaining and doing nothing i run blast shield problem mostly solved.

the game has some decent balancing and i dont get quickscoped as often and if they snipe ill down them completly destroy them and get some angry kids yelling through a voice message you little sh!t you cant quickscope for days my clan is better.

it makes my day.

also during clanwars (which this time felt like a chore but that was because of my clan mostly)

i had like 10 clan invites.

im the best of the clan everyone knows it in the clan and i had alot of invites.

we even encountered the 2nd place from our division and i went completly beast on them.

in TDM i went 35-3.

i check my PMs and guess what the enemy clan leader invites me to his clan so that also made my day.

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So, you came here to brag? What's your point ? Generally when people resort to bragging, particularly on the interwebz, they are compensating for something.

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im not bragging if i were to brag i would be talking bout my kem amount.

its just funny how screwed up clanwars is to the point where clans start recruiting their opponents best player.

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They need to address the critical errors in order for the game to be decently playable.

1. Lowering the volume of footsteps, making dead silence immune to amplify, and amplify only works at close range.

2. Gimping of quickscoping even further by adding a newer "wobble sway" (from Black Ops 1) that decreases a sniper's close range accuracy.

3. Nerfing the Riot Shield + C4 + Reflex combo by either making equipment usage impossible while the shield is in front, or the effects of reflex being nerfed when using equipment with the riot shield.  Also, C4 needs to be changed by having it only explode after landing on a surface and not in midair.

Other than that, a few other minor things that can be added are new camo options, more game modes, etc.

*Full list of improvements here:  Do-able features that would make me happy.


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