One month on, how do we feel about GHOSTS?

Ghosts XBOX 360

Worst COD ever released, loved all the others but this is a piece of crap

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My only true gripe aside the the community created problems would be the panic knife . No clue why its still not 1 knife to the back and 2 knifes to the front of a player.  Why make a shotgun when you can just panic knife someone at the same range. Its a 1 shot kill making CQC completely dominated by pocket knives.

BTW I only play this game once every 3 days and I dont suffer from rusty play... just get tired of stupid stuff  like 30 yard knife lunges. The rest of the stupid stuff that happens in the game I can get over because eventually they will get tweaked.

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I'm not in a panic when I stab some one, anyway it has to be a one hit kill, or it would be useless, I'd be down with a counter knife instead.

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If you want to nerf panic knifing then nerf panic shooting, aka drop shotting.  It's all reflex actions.

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I agree with you, I'm tired of hearing people bitch about getting killed cause they came around a corner and got panic knifed or shot or dropshot or whatever their EXCUSES are for not killing the other person 1st because they were not fast enough or what have you. complaining about getting killed by someone panic knifing is just the cry baby's way of throwing a tantrum because they were not as fast as the other person and their reflexes are not as finely tuned. Seriously, people quit saying "nerf this" and "nerf that" just because you get killed first. REACT faster, that helps and IW is NOT obligated to cater the game to you for your own K/D and custom fit everything to suit YOUR needs. SitRepPro is totally right. Say IW did nerf this stuff, then what? You round a corner, see someone and you both step back a few paces, bow like gentlemen and carefully aim before firing? Should we all stand still? COME ON...

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So true! I have to mute everyone because so may cry babies that can't they got shot... why they got shot...where they got shot.... No one likes cheaters, hackers,ect, but if someone hides in a corner and "camps on you", "snipes you", "drop shots you" it's part of the game.

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I am loving this COD. The honeymoon phase is still in full effect for me.

I think that it all depends on what each individual likes in a game. Some people love Blops2 because it is a bright and vibrant game, the kill streaks are strong, etc. For me, it is all about the hit detection and lag. In MW3 and Blops2 I had a really bad lag experience. Not sure why, it just was what it was. I used to get killed before I could even fathom what happened. I would watch the kill cam and be blown away with what I saw and how different it would look from my in game experience. So for me, Blops2 was the most frustrating of any COD I had ever played (I know many love Blops2 and I respect that, my experience just happened to be terrible on that game).

This COD is completely different. I don't mind the map size so much. About three weeks ago I mentioned on a post that it wasn't the size as much as the layout that frustrated me. This COD deviated from the traditional map layout a lot. I was getting shot in my back a ton! And I mentioned that it was frustrating. I also mentioned though that I reserved the right to change my mind over time and once I gained a better feel for the maps. Well, I have gained a better feel for them and now, with a few exceptions (Chasm, Flooded, and Siege), I am very comfortable on these maps. The guns feel balanced to me (I love almost every AR in this game). And best of all, for me at least, the hit detection is the best it has been since MW2. When I shoot at someone, I hit them and they hit me. The gun fights (even with the quick death time) feel fair. That is all I ever wanted. A fair chance at a gun fight. I dare say that at the moment, this is the most fun I've had in COD since the MW2/COD4 days. Now, I reserve my right to change my mind about this in the future as well. This could just be a great honeymoon phase and this feeling might ware off. Don't want to get to ahead of myself. But as of right now... I'm having the most fun I've had on a COD in several years. Very happy with it at the moment.

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I love the game except on thing. I play legit, and all the cheaters take all the high ranks. 21, 000, 000 score and only 123 kills. Take off all the obviuaslly cheating accounts so us legit players have something to strive for. But all in all great game

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If I don't play for too long in each session it's ok but after about an hour I get bored.

Things like campers, so called OP guns or perks don't bother me because everybody can use these tactics or equipment, but I find some of the gameplay on some of the maps gets very predictable.

Take Tremor for instance you know that most of the game will revolve around the 2 buildings in the middle of the map, you either get stuck in or skirt the map looking for stragglers, and the same could be said for a few other maps as well.

I enjoy the bigger maps but they seem to have more spawn issues than they should do.

If I was asked by a friend wether they should buy the game I would advise them to rent it first.

My overall rating would be 6/10.

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game is good.. but i still dont know why we dont have HC SnD....

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