One month on, how do we feel about GHOSTS?

Ghosts XBOX 360

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I feel this the 2nd IW game I have purchased the other being MW3.

I feel IW games are vastly inferior to Treyarchs in every way.

I feel I will never buy another game By IW.

If my account is still active the next time an IW game launches I feel I will be sitting back having a giggle at the threads complaining about the mess they have purchased.

I feel I am being kinder than IW deserve in this post

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I thought this as well, with the exception of the first Modern Warfare, then Black Ops 2 came out, worst COD ever! WIth MW3 a close 2nd.

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I disagree, the Black ops games were great but ran slow and had hit detection issues. IW also invented COD.

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Aside from the spawns.The biggest thing that has annoyed me is the lack of communication from their end.

And dont say twitter because I tweet them err day.

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They don't give a shit.  They already got your money.  Just don't buy anymore DLC or sequels.  They ignored the lag and hit detection complaints that BO2 had throughout it's entire lifespan, so they aren't going to start caring about the fanbase now.

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i would say more my friend...

no long time ago, lots of players, complained about lag in BO2. the answer of some wise guy in activision was:

"if you play in internet, you always got some lag. if you dont want play with lag, go for a private lan lobby"

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CoD isn't fun anymore.  There are technical issues that are frankly embarrassing for Activision.  For example, how in the hell is it that the older games don't have lag and spawn issues, but the newer ones do?  Let me rephrase that: they found a way to take critical gameplay mechanisms that worked on the same game engine, and broke them.  It's simply inexcusable.

Plus, there's the piss-poor map design that Ghosts employs.  Large maps that are designed like small maps, and so many pathways and corridors that you can't even formulate a movement strategy. 

Been a fan since Big Red One, but the writing's on the wall.  Can wait for Titanfall so I can play a real shooter again.

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The maps are to well thought out. Great maps are just great, you cant create a great map trying to make them balanced. It has to just work out.

The problem is that they make the maps with an equation not just because they fee like it. So they end up being a mess.

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I call this Black Ops 3.  Its got to be the worst game in the series.  I am mostly tired of all the hackers runnng around with all perks and invisible.  Its time for IW to start cleaning house and deleting those accounts.  This is the last COD game i ever buy.  I think the days of the multiplayer shooter games are fading.

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