One month on, how do we feel about GHOSTS?

Ghosts XBOX 360

Compared to the previous games, this game is an absolute mess. All of these issues that people have spoken about on this thread is nothing new to the franchise. As a matter of fact, it has gotten to the point where these issues are simply inexcusable. Saying that some of these issues will always exist is simply unacceptable and they should be held to a higher standard than the usual bs they push out the door each year. How is it simply some coincidence that they continue to have the shoot first and die bs, get shot around corners, bullets not registering, etc. so frequently? This is the only fps where these issues seem to pop up so many times, and even though Activision is well aware of this, they still push these travesties out regardless. You would have to think that these acts are intentional because there has apparently been no effort to remove quickscoping (like they said they were going to do) and the connection is still bad, if not worse, than the previous COD's. F Call of Duty.

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Have you played BF4? Wow net-code fix please.

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It's starting to grow on me and I really don't think it's that bad, my expectations were low going in so maybe that helped.

Spawns and hacked lobby's need to be fixed, but overall I'm impressed.

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Asking these questions will guarantee you two things:

1- Positive responses

2- Negative responses

My Response: Its another COD game that changed things around for the better.

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game 7/10

community 3/10

This game could be so much fun if the game modes where played as intented instead of team deathmatch(2)

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At first I liked the feel of the game, then I noticed how many times I seemed to die. The maps are decent, some very good indeed. The weapons are new, the perk system a change. Had to change my play style significantly. However the amount of players is the kicker here. I know on Xbox One you now have Ground War, and the many players as of old, but sadly not on the 360. If we had more more players then I feel we would have a lot more of those funny wtf moments. Plus I may get to kill more...or die even more!! That's my take on it so far.

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I like the game but its flaws are to big to continue playing the game at all for me. Just to broke.

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Has it's issues, but I mostly enjoy the game so far.

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Said it before, said it again: The game is fun, some of the features are pulled of with amateur skill, but fun nonetheless and the worst part about the game is the damn hackers! The REAL problems in the game with the mechanics themselves or programming, what have you, can be polished and fixed, but those of us who really want to enjoy the game, have to wait 10 times as long for these easy fixes so that the Devs can try to clean up the HUMAN element-the hackers.

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spawns and hacked players/lobbies are annoying... other than that, i've adjusted to the maps and gameplay... it's fun to play so far.  i really like the change to squads as i enjoy the squad game mode.

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