One month on, how do we feel about GHOSTS?

Ghosts XBOX 360

I've mentioned the annoying spawns before too, but then some idiot got all butt hurt for some reason and started defending it. Careful out there guys, some people don't understand "community."

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Judging from friend feedback and what I've seen, it's still the same Shite it was at launch...Stores are discounting in drastically already, which says all you need to know.

It's unfortunate for some who parted with their money, and are now unhappy.... but maybe they'll learn for future releases...Glad I decided to wait this one out.

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its just ok. im ready for some new maps. i do enjoy using the helo pilot though.

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Pretty good IEDs still annoy me worse than bouncing betties lol spawns can be dodgy at times, the amount of times ive spawn in front on enemis on B flag oh god

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Was starting to wear a little thin til they brought Clan Wars in. Really great addition to the CoD series and I hope they build on it. Certainly breathed new life into the game for me

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i like it quite a bit, now the more i play it, the more i just want to rip my eyes out and smash my xbox. having people spawn behind you constantly, hearing a whistle then a dog spawning out of NOTHING and one hit killing you is stupid, the campers, and i dont give a crap what the person said above about these things, they are annoying, its not fun seeing 5 people hide in corners and wait because they are to useless and stupid to be able to move around the map, "WUT R GUN SKILLZ, NO SKILL 2 HIT LEL" the constantly lag, D/C host migration, and freaking hackers, with there pathetic god mode, all perks, invis, one hit kill

where IW so stupid that they used enough code from MW2 to alow this, i as many hackers in Ghosts as i do in WaW, its pathetic.

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this game is GREAT!!!

Apart from quickscopers. I thought snipers weren't going to be able to quickscope, well they still can they are just jumping around everywhere, shooting you before you can shoot them with your shotgun!!!

Sniper rifles need to be patched. Honestly, in my opinion, sniper rifles shouldn't have aim assist at all scoped in or not, ADS time should be much slower and they shouldn't scope on the exact same spot every time.

if this happens the game will be perfect otherwise it will just be BO2 all over again 

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Good game, the connection and hit detec is good (now, hotfix, now LEAVE IT ALONE IW!), but I feel increasingly aggravated with IW not communicating with the community, or cleaning up and improving the security of their game. IW need to hoard up the hackers and throw them out, and give the leaderboards a spring clean.

Now IW need to leave the connection alone, don't touch it at all!! Do that, and I'll gladly come back in 2 years for the next IW game (Not getting 3arc CoD any more, BO2 was more of a mess than Rob Ford)..

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