One month on, how do we feel about GHOSTS?

Ghosts XBOX 360


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Yeah I have noticed in the last day or so that I hardly lag at all anymore, which was ALWAYS a problem for me in BO2

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I have to admit that in the first two weeks I was finding the game the most frustrating off all the CoD's I've had. So much so, I found myself turning it off and putting BO2 back in! I then stopped doing my BO2 rushing style to get to objectives and started playing more controlled and started getting used to the maps and did improve slightly. However, I was still having many WTF moments (bad connections, lobbies never filling back up if people left, poor hit detection, etc).

Then when the latest patch came out, everything seemed to drastically improve overnight for me (I know this hasn't been the case for everyone, as some have seen the opposite). Hit detection seemed better for me, I've only had a few bad connection since and I've been doing better over all and enjoying it more. Some of that has to be down to be getting my loadouts better suited to myself after learning which perks, attachments, guns play better for me, but a lot of it does seem to have been down to the update. Maybe it's just a placebo though.

I have to say, I do like almost all the maps (except Chasm). I enjoyed the small maps on BO2 but did pine for a bit of variety in size and so the larger maps on here I'm happy with. I know it can encourage campers, but you get them on all CoD's even on the small maps. I also like how since BO, MW3, BO2 and now Ghosts, I've had to change how I play on each of them. So as frustrated as I can get, I wanted to try and adapt and find a way to get better at Ghosts. Sometimes it's not possible (I was rubbish on MW3 for some reason and never did get to grips with it as much as other CoD's).

From what I gather though, Ghosts has grown on a few people now, whilst others the frustrations have continued. I just count myself lucky I'm one of the one's who's now enjoying the game.

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Well that's it for me. I have put Ghost back in its case and put Black Ops 2 back in the Xbox.

The multiplayer aspect of Ghost is riddled with lag hacks poor game design elements and basically just sucks.

I want my month of playing the IW monstrosity back.

Black Ops 2 is 10 times the game Ghost is.

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I really like this version of COD, although I pretty much only play Hardcore.

Seems very balanced and I really enjoy it.  I think the maps are great, nice to have some decent sized maps so you can utilise the sniper rifles too.

I really didn't rate BO2, thought the maps were too small and every map played the same - shame as BO1 was pretty solid.

This feels more like COD4 to me, perhaps that's why I like it so much.

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I'm really enjoying this game overall. I really like the weapons balance and the feel of it. Game plays very smoothly for a game of it's scope. The only other recent comparison I have is Battlefield which plays like garbage as far as smooth game play.

The maps are large, but have gotten smaller and more manageable as I've learned them. It's nice that there are more flank routes and there actually are outside edges of the map as these were nonexistent in Blops2. Only thing is that I'm not sold on purchasing a season pass for a couple of reasons. One is the size of the maps. If the new maps are going to be as big and complex, I'd like more time to play them instead of a couple months between each release of a new map pack. Also, by the time the final map pack comes out, I'm pretty much ready for the next installment of this series. Another reason is there is no way to play any map more than once as there was in previous versions of this game. Also, there are only two voting choices and no "random" choice. So the chances of me getting my money's worth out of a season pass has greatly reduced over Blops2.

Some things that still annoy me are the "dedicated servers" as in, where are they? Rage quitting seems to be out of control. I can't count how many times I've started in a full lobby, to find just after the match has started that I'm only one of two or three players left against a full squad. Lag has been more of an issue in this game than in previous versions. I'm talking about really bad rubber band lag. But I mostly attribute this to no dedicated servers and the hosts having not much better than dial up connections. I also do miss having bars to at least give me a general idea of everyone's connection quality as it is well known in Blops2, someone with a red dot connection could bring down the entire lobby.

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Spawns need to be fixed and it desperately needs more game modes. My only two gripes atm.

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The same as others have stated in here. This game gets boring after a hour or so. In past titles the game would make you loose track of time. In this one it feels like i played it for hours and in reality it was only 45 minutes.

I think it boils down to a lot of different factors for me. #1 The killstreaks are boring. #2 i dont hate or complain about camping. But there sure seems to be a lot of it in this game. #3 The majority of the maps are just bad and after a month i have not seen one that has become a favorite yet.

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Bottom line, I'm having fun and will continue to play, but the game certainly has its flaws.

I like the idea of the larger, less funnel-oriented maps, but there are some that are just too much.  Flooded and Chasm in particular are just a vertical mess.  Maybe it's my shortcoming as a player, but I don't see how to play tactically in an environment where, not only could the enemy be on any side of you at any time, in all likelihood they just spawned behind you in the room you just cleared.

Seems like they tried to use spawn mechanics to counter the slower pace of their large maps.  It was a failed attempt, so they need to patch that.  I shouldn't spawn and have no idea which general direction the enemy is likely coming from.  TDM should not feel like FFA.

I hate the aesthetics (both visual and auditory) of the guns.  Hate hate hate them.  The tracers and sounds especially come off so cartoony/arcadey compared to BLOPS2.  For all its failings, BLOPS2 got gun aesthetics, in particular the sound and feel of firing, spot on. E.g., when I fired the AN94 unsuppressed, I d@mn well knew I as firing a beast of a rifle -- BAM BAM BAM.  Felt dirty and gritty and strong.  Ghosts guns feel like I'm shooting my nephew's toy Ranger Rick gun to infinity and beyond...  And what the hell is that radar dish-looking thing on the back of the CBJ?  Why add that in to an already weird looking gun?  Fun to play gun though, fun as hell, so I shouldn't complain too much on that front.

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Great point on spawns. I did forget to mention in my post the spawns are ridiculous. Still many WTF spawn and die moments. Good theiry on the size of the maps playing into spawning algorithms. Maybe it was also something to do with a failed ateempt at controlling spawn trapping as well?

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