Online stats... where are they?

Ghosts XBOX 360

Is there a place to find online stats??  For individuals and for clans?  I hate haveing to go through every gun individually to see ktd ratios. 

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not available via elite website.  You need to download their phone app. 

The app interface is not intuative and it chugs on my phone... so... worthless imo.

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I can look up detailed stats for games 10 years old online.. total failure to not have them available. 

The phone app sucks and is poorly designed. 

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Another baffling decision to not have a Web Hub. The Elite App never quite worked right.. and when it did they Updated it, and it stopped working.

The new COD App is cumbersome and more or less useless.

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And at least when the Elite app worked like crap, I never had a problem using the site.

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