Operation Clueless {why you must complete}!!!

Ghosts XBOX 360

This Operation is where you kill 200 enemies with Akimbo .44 magnums + Acog sights. this operation will make you want to curb stomp you xbox into the pavement. However after having completed this challenge, I can say with all honestly say that I have became a better player. This operation takes away range, ability to Aim Down Sight [ADS], and accuracy. It forces you to learn routes to get kills and how to "Sound Whore"- Use amplify and dead silence perks. I highly suggest this operation to all those that are having trouble keeping up with the other players. I promise if you complete this challenge without killstreaks or other weapons [as well as applying the tactics you learn from it], you k/d will go up and you will enjoy the gameplay much more. Best of luck everyone.


[Pnut] Gus078

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Dude, just wanted to say thanks for posting something positive! I have completed most of the challenges but I don't have the cahunas to even attempt this one, the patch is pretty funny but not something i would go to all that trouble for.

Most of the kids who bother to come onto this forum blame everyone and everything for their lack of skill and tact. But you've done the opposite and promoted reaching excellence through tribulation.

I wish I could shake you by the hand.

P.s. I'm still not going to complete akimbo with acog challenge though

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Thank you sir, best of luck in your gaming.



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Looking forward to it.

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Good job on completing the challenge. IF you can complete all the challenges in just one COD title, you will have a completely different view about the overall game - I guarantee it. Things that formerly seemed OP won't be, things that seemed useless will have a purpose.

The problem is that big IF. They haven't made a title in which it is possible to complete all the challenges in a long, long time.

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I posted about this last week, I love it, it's nuts!

I've since seen a bunch of people with it, I'd love to see more like this in future updates, people need to take gaming a little less seriously.

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I think it is fun to complete challenges.  But the argument that it will raise your kd I doubt will happen unless you have low kd to begin with.  In BOps 2 when I started focusing only on challenges like getting gold or diamond on crossbow, pistols,  knife, etc my kd dropped more than a full point from 2.7 to 1.5. I was having way more fun though.

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I Agree, it is a great challenge and a good tool for helping improve gameplay. A bit like running with a heavy rucksack on, it is difficult at 1st but you will soon get used to the handicap but then once that handicap is removed you will then feel like you are on fire. Another good challenge for training like this is the 'balls of steel' challenge, which involves getting kills with just a combat knife equipped. Nothing is more satisfying than creeping up on an enemy camp spot and stabbing your way through 4-5 unsuspecting snipers. lol

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