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Ghosts XBOX 360

I'm working on the an operation under the gear operations called Enemy Down.  How can I shoot down the Battle Hind, if it flies higher than the Helo Pilot?  Or can I only complete this operation on certain maps?

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You have have a few options.

1. Your gun with armor piercing rounds. Preferably an LMG

2. Support Streak - Maws

3. Support Streak - Air Superiority

I have shot down many this way and it doesn't take long.

And it can be completed on any map.

Wraith Overlord
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No dude. The challenge requires you to use a Helo Pilot to take down a Battle Hind. You can't use a weapon with armor piercing rounds. OP, good luck. I am never getting Enemy Down or Bullseye.

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I've been trying to do this for 2 weeks I have found I can never see the battle hind to shoot it down.  I think it's going to be another challenge like the Dictator challenge (fire entire clip from an LMG into your foe).  I have yet to do this challenge on any COD game.

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