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Ghosts XBOX 360

nicedrewishfela wrote:

Said it before, I'll say it again... This game exposed a lot of so-called "Good Players" who relied on exploits for their success.

Freaking well said, this requires a celebration

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Blitz. "nuff said. Moron.

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How is the skill gap any different from the previous Cod titles? You point aim and shoot I don't get how it is any harder on Ghosts then any other Call of Duty that I've played. Please explain.

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higher "skill" gap? lolzz

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idyb wrote:

This cods higher skillgap turns off a lot of players.

First off there is no "skill" in COD.

The complaints about OP guns, OP perks, etc. are stupid and not necessary.

90% of people who play Ghosts sit in corners and wait for others to run by. This by no means equals skill. All COD games are, are point and shoot "twitch" shooters. There really is no skill involved. The way MP is set up, it has more to do with luck, connection quality, and teammates, which is NOT player based. If you get into a lobby where the lag comp system is out of whack, then no amount of "skill" will help you win.

All it takes is half a brain and simple thought to play this or any other COD.

It actually takes MORE "skill" to play smaller fast paced maps as you don't have to worry about people hiding in the 10938493 corners in each map, or getting spawned directly behind from the enemy you just killed.

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  You made some really good points in other posts - but I'm not in agreement with the "no skill" thing.  Making good snap-decisions, checking the right corners, knowing the map and which angles you're vulnerable to in any given situation, and listening to audio cues that tell you where to look for bad guys are all skills.  If you're running around like a lemming trying to find someone to play quick-draw against, I could see why one might think COD is a "no skill" game.  Skilled players don't usually play like that though, and those that do and are successful at "twitch" shooting are still skilled at lining up the sights and pulling the trigger, since they would have to do so faster than their opponent.

     For sure, good ping helps any player, but it doesn't make the player.  Same with the team thing.. Good teams surely help, but a bad team with 5 of 6 going negative doesn't prevent the sixth player from going 2:1 or 3:1 - happens all the time.  If anything, a player's skill is more obvious in a situation where they have to try to carry a team.

    If it was all luck of the draw and no skill, there wouldn't be such a big variation in K/D ratios, average kills/points per game, etc.  I usually play TDM, so I'm leaving alone the tactics and strategies involved with the other game modes that would also show a big variation in skill.

All in my humble opinion, of course..  It may just be a matter of perspective.

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"No skill in COD" is the silliest comment made in all seriousness I have read since joining this forum.

That's akin to saying there is no skill involved in playing poker because luck plays a part.

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My argument to people who make this silly argument is...

Why, then, are the same people at the top of the leaderboards in lobbies on a regular basis. Just like in Poker, if there is no skill, then why do so many of the same people end up at the Final Table so often?

I think where people go wrong is in thinking there is only one kind of skill people have to be good at a game like CoD. Some may have superior Hand/Eye, others are great with Tactics, some learn faster than others... there are various type of skills that can make a player good at the game.

Of course there is skill, it is a game. All games take skill to some degree. The No-Skill argument is a ridiculous one.

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I Have 2... Spawns and servers.  I don't care about health but spawning right in front of someone and trying to shoot someone that skips across the map is just dumb. And I seE many complaints on the 2.

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How about no audio settings? cant turn the music volume off. I think most of us can agree that is screwed up.

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