People complaining about the game

Ghosts XBOX 360

They are not blind to their susposed mistakes, but maybe to them some of the changes are not mistakes. Maybe they wanted the game to be played differently than past games.

Plus they should not ever just blindly listen to anyone that cries about anything and then change it to make that person or group happy. For not every change or fix wanted is really needed or should be done.

They know they cannot keep everyone happy all the time, nor are they really going to try and do so. They know there will be things in the game that some players will not like at all, and they in honesty dont have to care since it is their game and they decide how it is to be and not the players.

they make changes if their data shows it needs to be, not just because some yt'r or forum goer says it needs to be.

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Ghost like any other COD game and like always it’s players divided into 3 camps.

1 Those who like it

2 Those that don’t

3 And little kiddies who barely know how to write

What are of concern are noticeable fewer players on-line

I’m in camp one.

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