Please Nerf IEDs

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Aim?  The console does that for you anyway with aim assist on most guns so that's out of the question.

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Yet, somehow people still manage to miss and have terrible aim? The people who don't miss have a better console.  Brilliant!

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To be fair, Sitrep and Blast Shield have many more uses than countering IEDs.

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iTzSurreal wrote:

There's a good reason IEDs are banned in MLG. They promote skill-less kills, camping, and a lack of map awareness.

The reason being that MLG players think that they are good, when in fact if they don't have things catered to ONE playstyle, then they come on the forums and complain that things need to be removed, nerfed, or changed.

The ONLY thing skill less about the IED are the players who REFUSE to either wear blast shield, or use sit-rep. As far as map awareness, YOU HAVE TO HAVE IT TO PLACE AN IED PROPERLY. If a player puts one somewhere enemies don't  usually travel, then it usually won't result in a kill before they die. A SMART player will pick high traffic areas and HIDE them in places players who run blindly don't look.

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I love my sitrep!  I even got a kill shooting a player's IED as soon as he planted it through the wall!  If you don't use sitrep, then you have no excuse for dying by IEDs other than "I didn't equit sitrep."

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Listen up, IED's don't need a nerf; it could be that your ability to adjust to evolving situations needs to be buffed.  For example, if you've been killed three times by a claymore/betty/IED it would make sense to switch to a class with SitRep.  Same thing goes with excessive air streaks/oracles or whatever, the idea to switch over to a class equipped with Blindeye would be in order.  Once you start shutting down your opponents tactics they'll stop using them because they realize you've caught on.  Instead of calling for a nerf on things how about using equipment and perks of your own to counter enemy tactics.

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This is the future of gaming, men complaining about something that has a counter yet refuse to use....and I say again who cares about MLG rules....all they did was pigeon-hole you into playing how they want with your money LOL dummies.

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Another post crying about explosives being cheap kills?! Give me a break already!

I'll let you in on a secret, explosives are POWERFUL and designed to be that way. None of us like getting killed by them but they are a necessary evil in the game. Just because you don't like them doesn't mean they don't belong in a modern day arcade shooter or need to be nerfed.

I'll make you a deal, when the military stops using explosives to accomplish their mission i'll be on your side about explosives. I wouldn't hold my breath though.

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I Agree, they don't need a nerf. Just make Sitrep & Blast Shield 1 point perks. That's balance. I wish they had EMP nades, that would help. Honestly, the graphics on this game a terrible. Everything is gray & dull, nothing stands out. I tried playing the 360 version last night and it was terrible.

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I am fine with that compromise too.  In BO2 the counter for explosives was flak jacket, one for one.  BO2 actually has far more explosives use, but the explosives were balanced.

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