Please fix this game..

Ghosts XBOX 360

Please fix this game, release an update for the audio settings, scoreboard and spawns pleeeease

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I hope something if anything gets patched soon.Just something to keep my hope alive

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There's quite a bit that needs to be patched unfortunately and there's no word on what's being looked at.  This leads to quite a bit of frustration from the community.

  • Modded lobbies - becoming worse
  • In game hacks / people under maps - getting worse
  • Sound - not only better controls, but the fact that every gun being fired at you sounds silenced no matter where the enemy is in relation to you on the map.
  • Lag - sometimes really bad, no word on if/when dedi servers are coming or even if it will help.
  • Clan issues - still numerous issues with clans
  • Spawns - nuff said
  • QS'ing - probably worse now than in BO2
  • Lack of game modes - hardcore has too few, not enough objective based modes, not enough respawn objective based modes.
  • and much more...

It's not unusual for games to be released full of bugs but this one was pretty bad.  Hopefully we will get some word as to what's being worked on soon but it's also possible (based on how this was rolled out) that they have no clue how to fix some issues.

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