Please get rid of Auto-Aim

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I get why auto aim was brought in, so new people to the game could possible get into the game. but instead of help the new player you gave this cheat to everyone making it impossible for a new player to stay interested. as well as taking all the skill out of the game. you really don't need to actually aim anymore. making the game more about camping, exploiting spots and weapons, and your internet speed. this game was created as a game of skill, where if you can shot you did good but now all you need is your hip fire crosses hairs on the enemy and shot then  aim and its removing auto aim you will make it easier to spot hacks and cheats. and you'll bring more people back to the franchise. this auto aim is the worst thing call of duty has done for its games. bring the skill back and by taking this away make it easier to find hacks. and by this helping other aspects of your game cause it will be easier to find whose cheating.

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also with auto aim gone spawning will move to spawn trapping rather than you get spawn killed or by getting kill by a guy you just killed that spawned right behind you. which should never happen. but now with auto aim gone if you are spawn trapped you have a shotting chance instead of the guy just laying down infront of the spawn he has to shot now instead of hip aiming.  o ya and you please make the drop shot accuracy weaker. you shouldn't gain accuracy because you laid down while shotting. no one in the world is accurate at that. it a video game you try to make realistic but you keep allowing unrealistic shit to happen in it and the call of duty franchise seems to want to reward not have skill, but exploiting. Ban Auto Aim and watch your dewindling franchise resurgent.

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     If auto aim is taken away, the game will play different, but the same people will be dominating every game.  If you are better than other people when you both have auto aim, you will be better than people when you both don't have auto aim.  If you're looking for a game that is 100% skill based, try playing the MLG playlist in Halo.  I'm not sure if there still is that playlist in Halo 4, but it's 100% skill based.  Same weapons, symmetrical maps, same auto aim, same class. 

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Not trying to troll your post, but I don't think taking auto aim (it's really aim assist not auto aim) out will change as much as you think it will. Camping and exploiting spots (your words) aren't really about auto aim (aim assist). It really only slows movement as you move your weapon across an enemy. Sitting in a corner, laying or crouching in one spot ADS isn't really utilizing the aim assist. Without it, I see a slower more campy game. But, what do I know?

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Actually... aim-assist has actually caused me to miss more frequently than hit my target...

It will sometimes tug your crosshairs at someone laying unseen in a patch of shrubbery, but considering I'm a precision shooter I honestly wish the option to turn it off was still around... I had to for the last two games, and it greatly improved my accuracy considering it wasn't yanking my scope at the wrong time... so while I agree there should be an option to turn it off, it does not typically give any real advantage from my perspective. It screws my said advantage up when it decides to actually activate when I don't need it to if anything. And most of the teams I've ran a train over their second biggest complaint (over lag and who had connection) was that their bloody aim-assist kept screwing up their hip-fire pray-and-spray's as my team barreled around the corner at them like mad men being chased by feral dogs lol

In times of split second shooting, it gets me (and other's attest to this) killed far more often than anything...

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There's a lot more to aim assist than has been mentioned in this thread.

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