Pro's playing against amateurs? why

Ghosts XBOX 360


I Mostly play FFA and the skill gap is massive ! 2 days ago I notice someone go 2-41 lol how they stayed in the lobby I don't know ! i mostly like playing at night 11pm/12am as better players seem to be on at that time and actually move about and try and get kills ! As the corner camping is insane in this game !

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You don't have to stay in the lobby. How do you think some got better at the game? Personally I don't see how a person can't get 2 kills before they die. Much less..1. They don't need to go back to what Black Ops2 did. Screws up connectivity.

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Ghosts has taken several steps in the wrong direction since Blackops 2.  For starters, there is no ranked play except clan vs clan.  A lot of pro players in blackops 2 used ranked play to improve and practice.  Obviously there will still be people stomping public matches, but it's harder to match players based on k/d because there's a lot less people with high k/d, and when they get matched together they'll just back out and re-queue.  Oh and if you want to play something easier, try bots.

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Its not just a matter of awesome players being matched against sucky ones there is also the matter of players with a connection the game favors being able to stomp everyone .

Skill based match making would do a lot to smooth out such matters but once again IW has just not bothered just like they didn't bother with theatre mode.

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mrmullock wrote:

I play Free for all 90% of the time and with 8 players there is usually 1 or 2  (self proclaimed ) pro players that have  K/D's of 3.0 or higher matched up against .345's or .500's and the 3.0 usually gets  a 30 - 2 win. When on the odd occasion the there is an equal matching of skills there is a hard fought battle and multiple players end up with 25- 20 or 28-22 and rarely are there 0-24 or 2 - 20 fun for all. But who wants that ? It's much better for the whole game when slaughters take place, Right?  How hard would it be to match up 1.50 and lower and keep 1.51  on upwards with the higher skilled players?

  We all don't have endless hours to master the button bashing skills it takes to be a self proclaimed pro but we all deserve to enjoy what we paid for.

Hey seriously go play offline or against bots in squads if the game is making you this angry. I clicked on this thread intrigued as to how pros are playing with the general public, only to find a rage filled post with sweeping accusations and insults within.

I play FFA 99% of the time, my K/D is 3.5 and yes I usually win every match I play by between 30-0 and 30-15.I have over a 500 win streak going on my main gamertag. I play 2-3 hours at night when my wife and 2 year old are in bed IF IM LUCKY. Im 32 years old and no I wasn't born with a controller in my hand, but yes I try my ass off when I play. What I have is experience playing cod as far back as the first modern warfare and "trying" to get better always.

Now I can agree with a better matchmaking system of people of similar skill but it would have to calculate skill not just thru k/d but take a host of stats in to consideration. Im all for having a discussion, but don't start it by suggesting people like me must be little kids or losers wasting their every waking moment playing the game.

I suggest you do the growing up first and come back with a clear head because your looking like one of those kids you can't stand.

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If the wording was better, I would agree to this.

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I seem to have struck a cord with the self proclaimed pro crowd with some of you asking how I know they believe they are pro's. before a match begins I check out the stats of players playing the game and if you have a K/D of 2.0 and higher I go to their players card  to block them from ever matching up with me again and low and behold most of these 2.0 and higher players state that they believe they are pro's, hence the self proclaimed.

The last player that posted here even bragged about a 500 game win streak and a 3.5 K/D, This is exactly the type of player I want to block from playing against. I get no enjoyment out of a 0-30 beating, maybe some of you masochist like that sort of thing I'd rather have fair competition against similar skilled players where we all stand a chance. I guess I'm in a minority there because most of you want lop sided slaughters with little competition.

Some of you think it to be some sort of accomplishment in life to be a COD master and I should strive to master the game. Back in the day it was a dream to be a pinball wizard, such goals in life are fruitless endeavors sought out by loners with no social skills and I have no such interest

. I came here to vent about what I see as a problem in the game and what I found out is the game is not the problem it's the community that plays this game that's the problem.  I bought this game hoping for some enjoyment in my limited free time and hoped that maybe playing online would extend that enjoyment but with the online  self proclaimed pro community getting all the enjoyment then it's time to trade in this game for something new. There should be a warning at the start of the online game where it states that new comers are not welcome unless they're willing to be slaughtered for years unless they spend every waking hour of free time attempting to master this game.

To those of you that understand my complaints and questions I'd like to thank you for your support and to those of you that don't get it then all I can say is there is more to life than COD maybe you should put down the controller and find out what that is.

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So basically you want to play against people who are just as terrible at the game as you, so you can have your little "ego inflated" (your words)  too?  Play bots if you want an easier game.  Or better yet trade the game in and find a game even easier than cod (good luck).  CoD has become more and more catered to bad players like you, but it's never enough.

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After reading this thread I have come to the conclusion that you get beat by better players and don't like and decided to come on here for a little cry.

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This thread is incredibly long and wordy so if someone mentioned this already, my apologies:

  I can see where mrmullock is coming from. Usually I'm the one stomping more often than I'm getting stomped. I'm not saying this to brag, but to point out that I'm not just agreeing with him because I'm in the same boat. But I know how frustrating it can be to always get destroyed game after game (everyone has those games at least sometimes). However, I don't know if changing the overall matchmaking system to only match based on skill would be the answer.

  I think something like having a "Ranked Game" and "Unranked Game" system would be nice. The Ranked games could match you based on skill and the Unranked system could just pool everyone together. This would also make for more comprehensive leaderboards rather than just the person with the highest score being at number one. That's not an indicator of skill, just of who has the most time to play.

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